2018-04-11  Mike MillerAdd debug flag to runex. Fixes #18
2018-04-09  Mike WalchUpdate batch example to use new Connector builder ...
2018-04-03  Mike WalchFixes #10 - Update helloworld example to new Connector...
2018-02-22  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4804 Fix ChunkInput ITs
2018-02-14  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4804 Fixes to work with 2.0
2018-02-14  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4814 Added links to Java classes (#9)
2018-02-13  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4804 Fixes to work with 2.0 8/head
2017-11-03  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4736 Created (#7)
2017-11-01  Mike MillerACCUMULO-1641 Add checkstyle plugin for API check
2017-10-02  Mark OwensACCUMULO-4516: TeraSortIngest splits argumnet is ignore...
2017-04-04  Mike MillerACCUMULO-3521: added test for method in StatsCombiner
2017-02-27  Michael WallUpdate for Accumulo 1.8.1 release
2017-02-22  Mike MillerAdded to src/main/resources 5/head
2017-02-17  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4528 is now 'accumulo-util hadoop... 4/head
2017-01-10  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4566 Removed code not used by any example
2016-12-15  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-1641 Removed use of non public Accumulo comman...
2016-12-09  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4511 Adding examples from Accumulo repo 1/head
2016-12-06  Mike WalchAdding LICENSE, NOTICE &