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2017-12-06  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4734 Create a few exercises for the tour
2017-12-06  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4734 Created basic tour structure on website...
2017-12-05  Mike WalchFixed page # on new upgrading page
2017-12-05  Mark OwensACCUMULO-4747 Create a unified upgrade reference (#45)
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2017-11-01  Christopher... Update 2.0.0 draft release notes for ACCUMULO-4726
2017-10-20  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4727 Updated instructions for running the...
2017-10-20  Mark OwensACCUMULO-4721 Document rfile-info in user manual (#28)
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2017-08-29  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4698 Update git repo links for gitbox
2017-08-07  Josh ElserACCUMULO-4684 Add replication table schema to docs
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2017-06-30  Christopher... Correct historical info about when asciidoc was used
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2017-06-30  Mike WalchRefactor configuration management documentation 15/head
2017-06-30  Mike WalchMerge branch 'docs-post'
2017-06-30  Mike WalchBlog post about improvements to the documentation 14/head
2017-06-27  Josh ElserACCUMULO-4668 Remove 1.6 from the downloads page
2017-06-21  Josh ElserACCUMULO-4660 Update docs to definitively inform that...
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2017-06-02  Mike WalchFixed prsync link in quick install docs
2017-06-02  Mike WalchFixed future doc warning text
2017-06-02  Mike WalchAffixed documentation sidebar to move when user scrolls
2017-06-02  Mike WalchUpdates to installation instructions
2017-05-31  Mike WalchImprovemnts to documentation and verifying release...
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