2018-03-19  Christopher... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release rel/1.7.4 rel/1.7.4
2018-03-19  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4836 make online table always wait (#394)
2018-03-16  Mike MillerFix ChaoticBalancerIT (#401)
2018-03-15  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4847 Fix broken TabletServerGivesUpIT
2018-03-14  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4847 Fix Retry utility's API (#399)
2018-03-06  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4835 Make TableOps throw TableNotFound (#395)
2018-03-01  Mike MillerAdd TableOfflineException to TableOps.addSplits (#393)
2018-02-28  Mike MillerFix false positive in rw concurrent/AddSplits
2018-02-27  Christopher... Clean up travis configuration
2018-02-27  Ivan BellaFixes ACCUMULO-4832 WAL warnings
2018-02-27  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4828 Update commons-vfs2 to 2.2
2018-02-27  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4817 Fix bouncycastle deprecation warning
2018-02-16  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4817 Update build plugins and parent POM
2018-02-15  Christopher... Build javadocs in travis-ci
2018-02-14  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4809 Avoid blocking during session cleanup...
2018-02-14  Adam J. Shook[ACCUMULO-4787] Close input stream in AccumuloReplicaSy...
2018-02-02  Keith TurnerRevert "ACCUMULO-4779 fixed classpath context config...
2018-02-02  Keith TurnerRevert "ACCUMULO-4779 Avoid locks in ZooCache when...
2018-02-02  Keith TurnerRevert "ACCUMULO-4779 made getting vfs config more...
2018-02-02  Keith TurnerRevert "ACCUMULO-4779 Fix warning; remove unused field"
2018-02-02  Keith TurnerRevert "ACCUMULO-4778 Cache table name to id map (...
2018-02-02  Keith TurnerRevert "ACCUMULO-4779 Speedup Property by precomputing...
2018-02-01  Ivan BellaACCUMULO-4777 Refine retry logging
2018-02-01  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4779 Speedup Property by precomputing and...
2018-01-30  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4778 Cache table name to id map (#364)
2018-01-26  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4779 Fix warning; remove unused field
2018-01-26  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4779 made getting vfs config more efficient
2018-01-26  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4779 Avoid locks in ZooCache when data in...
2018-01-25  Ivan BellaACCUMULO-4777: Added a backoff mechanism for writing...
2018-01-25  Ivan BellaACCUMULO-4777 Removed the unused sequence generator.
2018-01-19  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4587 Upgrade Monitor jquery to 3.2.1
2018-01-19  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4741 Remove minified files in Monitor
2018-01-17  Mark OwensACCUMULO-4780 Add overflow check to seq num in CommitSe...
2018-01-17  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4779 fixed classpath context config performanc...
2018-01-17  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4781 fixed logging performance issue (#359)
2018-01-10  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4776 Fix advertised host in monitor 354/head
2017-12-31  Matt DinepACCUMULO-1972 fix Range constructor
2017-12-21  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4774 Made conditional writer thread into daemon 348/head
2017-12-01  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4669 Use windowed statistics in RFile
2017-11-30  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4546 Fix StringUtils import
2017-11-30  Mark OwensACCUMULO-4546 Create default log message for table...
2017-10-20  Mark OwensACCUMULO-4721 Document rfile-info in the user manual...
2017-10-13  Keith TurnerRemove whitespace at EOL
2017-10-13  Mark OwensACCUMULO-4170 Clarify ClientConfiguration javadocs
2017-10-12  Mark OwensACCUMULO-4716 Don't cache blks over max array size
2017-10-12  Adam J. Shook[ACCUMULO-4591] Add replication latency metrics
2017-10-04  Charles WilliamsACCUMULO-4713 Correct handling min and max timestamps...
2017-10-04  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4702 Fix missing Guava in assemble
2017-09-25  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4702 Removed unused guava deps from poms
2017-09-25  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4702 Removed Beta Guava dependencies (#299)
2017-09-14  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4702 Checkstyle corrections
2017-09-12  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4702 Code fixes to work with Guava 23 (#297)
2017-09-06  Ivan BellaACCUMULO-4686 Fix upgrade process to set version in...
2017-09-05  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4699 Fixed queued work key in replication...
2017-08-29  Christopher... Update git URL to
2017-08-07  Josh ElserACCUMULO-4684 Basic schema outline for accumulo:replication
2017-08-02  KyleACCUMULO-4555 Removes parsing of version string in...
2017-08-02  D HwangACCUMULO-3283 Create ColumnFQ only once
2017-07-31  Billie RinaldiACCUMULO-3827 set default store types for monitor ssl...
2017-07-28  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4685 Remove more warnings
2017-07-27  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4685 Remove unneeded code
2017-07-27  Josh ElserACCUMULO-4687 Clean up some static-analysis warnings
2017-07-25  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4682 Enforce import ordering
2017-07-24  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4685 Fix bug in FileRefTest
2017-07-19  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4602 Deleted AssignmentThreadsIT
2017-07-10  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4602 Improvements to AssignmentThreadsIT
2017-07-05  Toshihiro SuzukiACCUMULO-4676 Use HTTPOnly flags in monitor
2017-06-27  Josh ElserACCUMULO-4666 Improve KerberosToken sanity-checks and... 274/head
2017-06-26  Josh ElserACCUMULO-4665 Use UGI with real Kerberos credentials
2017-06-22  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4662 Fix ambiguous table reference
2017-06-21  Josh ElserACCUMULO-4660 Remove * import (addendum)
2017-06-20  Josh ElserACCUMULO-4660 sanitize incoming values from HTTP parameters
2017-06-20  Michael WallACCUMULO-4657 - backport to 1.7
2017-06-19  Dave MarionACCUMULO-4658: Cache call to ZooKeeper to get table...
2017-06-13  Mike WalchACCUMULO-4648 Update voting text in script 266/head
2017-06-13  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4619 Fix addSplits exception regression
2017-06-12  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4640 Fix broken SiteConfigurationTest
2017-06-09  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4640 Fix SiteConfiguration parent
2017-05-08  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4636 system iterator improvements 257/head
2017-05-03  Adam J. Shook[ACCUMULO-4506] Add a timeout to a replication RPC...
2017-05-03  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4633: Added check to prevent division by zero
2017-05-03  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4365: Configured ConditionalWriterIT tracer...
2017-05-02  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4365: Configured ShellServerIT tracer span...
2017-04-21  Sean BusbeyACCUMULO-4627 Add corrupt WAL recovery instructions...
2017-04-20  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4576 Suppress warnings from deprecations
2017-04-13  Josh ElserACCUMULO-3208 Integration test for the OrIterator and...
2017-04-07  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4619 fix split hanging on Error
2017-03-27  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4482 Mention snappy compression in docs
2017-03-10  Ed Coleman[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-03-10  Ed Coleman[maven-release-plugin] prepare release rel/1.7.3 rel/1.7.3
2017-03-09  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4600: Fix to properly read from accumulo-site.xml 232/head
2017-03-06  Keith TurnerACCUMULO-4597 fixed bug in rfile-info 229/head
2017-02-22  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4590 Use JSON.parse instead of eval
2017-02-09  Christopher... ACCUMULO-4519 regenerate thrift
2017-02-09  Michael WallACCUMULO-4519 patch from Yudong Wu
2017-02-09  Michael WallMerge branch 'mjwall-ACCUMULO-4481' into 1.7
2017-02-09  Michael WallACCUMULO-4479 Removing in favor 216/head
2017-02-08  Mike MillerACCUMULO-4577: modified exception thrown by Tables...
2017-02-06  Ed ColemanACCUMULO-4574 Modified TableOperations online to check...
2017-02-02  Michael WallSquashed commit of the following: