ARTEMIS-3883: use common config property to ensure already-aligned httpclient version...
[activemq-artemis.git] /
2022-06-07  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA some extra cleanup on
2022-06-07  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Removing some obvious statements from
2022-04-26  Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: update release instructions to reflect change...
2022-04-26  Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3804: make the version number available to...
2022-03-22  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA updating git clone URI on Release instructions
2021-10-20  Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: enable optional modules during release, get...
2021-08-27  Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: update release steps for website update to...
2021-08-09  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Updating vote template to remove specific versi...
2021-06-04  Justin BertramThis closes #3606
2021-06-04  Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3328: override the parent pom assembly creation...
2021-02-17  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing links on
2021-02-10  Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: refresh release instructions for website updates
2021-02-09  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Link updates on
2020-11-03  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA update on
2020-09-01  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3250
2020-09-01  Domenico Francesco... NO-JIRA Update the releasing document 3250/head
2020-08-24  gtullyrefer to infra signing for key generation details
2020-07-23  gtullyno jira - fix reference to the website svn repo
2019-03-26  Robbie GemmellINFRA-17991: trivial change, testing repo after adjustments
2019-01-31  Clebert SuconicThis closes #2535
2019-01-31  Justin BertramNO-JIRA update docs for gitbox 2535/head
2018-06-04  Clebert SuconicThis closes #2117
2018-06-04  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA update release instruction with git-release... 2117/head
2018-04-30  Clebert SuconicThis closes #2050
2018-04-30  Justin BertramNO-JIRA update release instructions
2018-01-10  Clebert SuconicThis closes #1765
2018-01-10  Jiri DanekNO-JIRA fix warnings from w3c/link-checker in docs 1765/head
2017-11-09  Clebert SuconicThis closes #1646
2017-11-09  Justin BertramNO-JIRA update release documentation
2017-11-02  Clebert SuconicThis closes #1630
2017-11-02  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA adding back the apache guide on release
2017-11-02  Justin BertramNO-JIRA updating release documentation
2017-09-26  Clebert SuconicThis closes #1551
2017-09-26  Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: update release guide to use dist dev repo
2017-05-08  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA: small update on Releasing procedure
2016-12-12  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA: Adding releasing information
2016-09-08  Martyn TaylorThis closes #754
2016-09-08  Clebert SuconicAdding my releasing experience to
2016-08-16  jbertramThis closes #723
2016-08-16  Clebert Suconiccommon release issues 723/head
2015-12-21  Andy Taylormerge #276 - extraTests version bump and RELEASING...
2015-12-21  Martyn TaylorextraTests version bump and RELEASING note 276/head
2015-05-13  Andy Taylormerge PR #254 - Ensure all references to the project...
2015-05-13  Martyn TaylorEnsure all references to the project use ActiveMQ Artemis
2015-05-05  Clebert SuconicThis closes #228 - License stuff
2015-05-05  jbertramRevert "disabled RAT plugin by default and updated...
2015-04-30  Clebert Suconicthis closes #216 on artemis rename
2015-04-30  jbertramMore rename updates
2015-03-24  Martyn TaylorMerge PR #194
2015-03-24  Andy Taylordisabled RAT plugin by default and updated the docs...
2015-03-06  Andy Taylormerge #154 - Assembly notice
2015-03-06  Martyn TaylorUpdate RELEASING to point to Apache guide
2014-11-20  Andy Taylormerge #19 name changes
2014-11-19  Clebert SuconicMore name changes to activemq
2014-11-19  jbertramMerge #18
2014-11-19  Martyn TaylorRemove references to HornetQ in doc and Comments
2014-11-10  Andy TaylorACTIVEMQ6-1 - Initial HornetQ Donation Commit