ARTEMIS-3928 Limiting parallel IO in paging which would allow multiple destinations...
[activemq-artemis.git] / etc / ide-settings /
2016-10-10  Clebert SuconicThis closes #830
2016-10-10  Ville SkyttäAdd EditorConfig
2016-10-03  Clebert SuconicThis closes #816
2016-10-01  Ville SkyttäInsert space after closing cast paren in Eclipse 816/head
2016-10-01  Ville SkyttäSync Eclipse preferences with new Checkstyle settings
2016-10-01  Ville SkyttäGrammar fixes
2016-10-01  Ville SkyttäMove Eclipse settings to subdir
2016-09-30  Martyn TaylorThis closes #815
2016-09-30  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-765 Improve Checkstyle 815/head
2016-09-21  Clebert SuconicThis closes #785
2016-09-21  Ville SkyttäFlag missing @Override as error in Eclipse
2016-09-21  Ville SkyttäAdd IDEA inspection settings, flag missing @Override...
2016-09-12  Clebert SuconicThis closes #772
2016-09-12  Christopher L. Sha... ARTEMIS-730: Updating Hacking guide documentation 772/head
2016-09-06  Martyn TaylorThis closes #753
2016-09-06  Clebert Suconicignoring IDE settings from the source distribution 753/head