2021-05-17  Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3296: get things building on Java 16 (and 17EA+21)
2021-05-15  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3273 Moving verification of directory
2021-05-14  Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3295 - do not cluster advisories
2021-05-14  Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3038, ARTEMIS-2813: remove the CoreClientOverOn...
2021-05-14  Robbie GemmellUpdate Kerberos tests to work on JDK11+. This closes...
2021-05-14  Timothy BishARTEMIS-2813 Fix SaslKrb5LDAPSecurityTest failing on...
2021-05-14  Timothy BishARTEMIS-2813 Update MiniKDC and fix Kerberos tests...
2021-05-13  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3294 Fix conversion of messages with a text...
2021-05-12  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA removing runDirectJournalBlast
2021-05-12  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA fixing
2021-05-11  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3293 System test on Paging and DLQ processing
2021-05-11  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3287 Upgrade micrometer version to 1.6.3
2021-05-11  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3241 Update angular-resizable license
2021-05-05  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Reformating smoke-tests/pom.xml
2021-05-05  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA avoiding println on PrintData for Paged Files
2021-04-30  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3273 Recover tool and PrintData enhancements
2021-04-30  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3271 Improve Critical Analyzer to use AutoClose...
2021-04-29  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3271 removing not needed Field Updater and...
2021-04-29  gtullyARTEMIS-3271 - tidy up comments and remove 'dead local...
2021-04-28  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3271 Improve Critical Analyzer to sample single...
2021-04-26  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3261 Expanding verification to journal compacti...
2021-04-25  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3261 Fixing tests and allowing configuration...
2021-04-23  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3266 Upgrade jetty version to 9.4.40.v20210413
2021-04-23  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3552
2021-04-23  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3261 Enhance compact to deal with Rollbacks... 3552/head
2021-04-22  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Fixing typo on log trace
2021-04-22  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3241 Update console packages licenses
2021-04-20  Erwin DondorpARTEMIS-3257 fixed documentation issue wrt federation...
2021-04-19  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3550
2021-04-19  Jacob MiddagNO-JIRA Fix description of DiskStoreUsage
2021-04-19  Erwin DondorpARTEMIS-3256 internalqueue and internaladdress get...
2021-04-19  Erwin DondorpNO-JIRA fixed spelling error in code of broker diagram
2021-04-16  gtullyARTEMIS-3240 - ensure pending transactions are rolled...
2021-04-15  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3547
2021-04-15  gtullyno jira - fix schema gen on jdk8 on non clean build...
2021-04-15  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3544
2021-04-15  gtullyARTEMIS-3117 - tackle the root cause of the scale issue...
2021-04-15  Justin BertramARTEMIS-3209 add details to AMQ222186 WARN message
2021-04-14  Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3106: remove duplicate artemis-server dependenc...
2021-04-14  Robbie GemmellARTEMIS-3242: update to qpid-jms 0.58.0 3542/head
2021-04-13  Robbie GemmellNO-JIRA: fix date in binary archive NOTICE file, missed...
2021-04-13  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3238 Fixing SendACKFailTest after d408f284b171c...
2021-04-12  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3238 AMQP Mirror not routing correctly with SNF
2021-04-12  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3534
2021-04-12  gtullyARTEMIS-3234 - fix and test, the existing tests suffere...
2021-04-11  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA renaming branch name to main on scripts
2021-04-09  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3527
2021-04-09  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3221 Migrating to Jakarta EE 8 artifacts
2021-04-09  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3533
2021-04-09  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3232 Upgrade netty version to 4.1.63.Final
2021-04-09  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3532
2021-04-09  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3226 Add version output to cli
2021-04-09  gtullyARTEMIS-3106 - apply mvn verify template to the example
2021-04-09  gtullyARTEMIS-3106 - remove sha-1 references from the test
2021-04-09  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3106 Check style fix on SaslScramTest
2021-04-09  Clebert Suconicartemis-3106 Refactoring SaslScramTest to use ActiveMQT...
2021-04-09  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3530
2021-04-08  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3227 Web Console could be shutdown after certai... 3530/head
2021-04-08  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3470
2021-04-08  Christoph LäubrichARTEMIS-3106 Support for SASL-SCRAM
2021-04-08  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3228 Enable javadocs check on PRs
2021-04-07  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3224 Removing Artemis-tools migration tool...
2021-04-05  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3526
2021-04-03  franz1981ARTEMIS-3219 Improve FQQN message routing 3526/head
2021-04-03  franz1981ARTEMIS-3219 Improve message routing
2021-04-01  Justin BertramThis closes #3524
2021-04-01  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3203 Match filter field names with view field...
2021-04-01  Justin BertramNO-JIRA management doc updates and clarifications
2021-04-01  Justin BertramARTEMIS-3217 unescape address name from JMX
2021-03-31  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3215 Upgrade hawtio version to 2.13.2
2021-03-31  Justin BertramThis closes #3523
2021-03-31  Domenico Francesco... NO-JIRA Fix SSLSupportTest for IBM JVM 3523/head
2021-03-29  Justin BertramARTEMIS-3155 fix test
2021-03-26  AntonRoskvistARTEMIS-3198 - Fix order of concurrency parameter
2021-03-26  gtullyARTEMIS-3128 - add test of large message browse opentyp...
2021-03-24  Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3202 - add a flag to deleted diverts removed...
2021-03-24  Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3201 - configured diverts arent persisted
2021-03-24  Domenico Francesco... NO-JIRA Fix NettyConnectorWithHTTPUpgradeTest
2021-03-24  Justin BertramARTEMIS-3155 differentiate SSL store type and provider
2021-03-24  dhawkinsARTEMIS-3156 Better support for PKCS #11
2021-03-24  franz1981ARTEMIS-3045 NettyConnection should null-check Netty...
2021-03-24  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3204 Fixing NPE on Counting Queue for Resource...
2021-03-23  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3196 Fixing ActiveMQServerControlUsingCoreTest
2021-03-23  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3199 Upgrade postgresql to 42.2.19
2021-03-23  Domenico Francesco... NO-JIRA Sync karaf version
2021-03-23  Clebert SuconicNO-JIRA Adding CoreMessage Test with Bytes access
2021-03-23  Andy TaylorARTEMIS-3196 - expose journal pool files in JMX
2021-03-23  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3194 Upgrade hawtio version to 2.13.1
2021-03-23  Sebastian ThomschkeNO-JIRA Remove unnecessary cast from byte[] to byte[]
2021-03-23  gtullyARTEMIS-3168 - add example using authentication delegat...
2021-03-23  gtullyARTEMIS-3168 - add PrincipalConversionLoginModule feature
2021-03-23  gtullyARTEMIS-3175 - implement address setting management...
2021-03-23  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3505
2021-03-23  Domenico Francesco... ARTEMIS-3195 Filter empty items from listNetworkTopology
2021-03-23  Clebert SuconicARTEMIS-3198 Fixing test after concurrency bridge changes
2021-03-22  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3508
2021-03-22  gtullyARTEMIS-3197 - add selectorAware option to virtualTopic...
2021-03-22  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3509
2021-03-22  AntonRoskvistARTEMIS-3198 Add concurrency option on core bridges
2021-03-22  Clebert SuconicThis closes #3511