AMQNET-562 Update NOTICE file
[activemq-nms-msmq.git] / package.ps1
2011-02-10  Jim GomesBranch trunk to 1.5.x.
2010-09-27  Jim GomesAdd support for building .NET 4.0 assemblies. Dependen...
2010-09-21  Jim GomesFix Subversion check-in screw-up.
2010-09-21  Jim GomesCreate EMS 1.4.x branch.
2010-09-07  Timothy A. BishMove versioning to 1.5.0 SNAPSHOT
2010-02-12  Jim GomesAdded inclusion of XML documentation files in ZIP package.
2009-11-30  Jim GomesUpdate package names.
2009-09-25  Jim GomesRemove obsolete .NET 1.1 files.
2009-06-18  Jim GomesRefactored package.ps1 to create two ZIP files instead...
2009-06-11  Jim GomesFix package version numbers.
2009-03-09  Jim GomesAdded packaging script file.