2012-03-13  Jim GomesWait for message receive.
2011-11-16  Timothy A.... fix for:
2011-11-15  Timothy A.... fix for:
2011-11-11  Timothy A.... fix for:
2011-11-11  Timothy A.... Update svn:ignore
2011-07-12  Jim GomesImplemented basic message producer. Removed unnecessar...
2011-07-11  Jim GomesFixed the loading of 32-bit vs. 64-bit implementations.
2011-07-11  Jim GomesExclude package sub-folder.
2011-07-09  Jim GomesImproving the dynamic factory loading routine.
2011-07-08  Jim GomesAdd 32-bit project build.
2011-07-08  Jim GomesRefactor with intermediate connection factory that...
2011-07-08  Jim GomesAdd NUnit config files.
2011-07-08  Jim GomesInitial check-in. Base implementation contributed...