Merge pull request #143 from dinukadesilva/02-16-2022-remove-unnecessary-logs
[airavata-custos-portal.git] / .env
2021-08-02  Isuru RanawakaMerge pull request #129 from dinukadesilva/externalize...
2021-08-02  Dinuka De SilvaExternalize custos api url to the envs 129/head
2021-07-12  Krishna SannidhiInjected the params while calling new entities page.
2021-07-11  Sannidhi Sai Prudv... Merge branch 'master' into child-entity-integration
2021-07-09  Krishna SannidhiDeveloped front end support to create child entities.
2021-06-29  Isuru RanawakaMerge pull request #102 from dinukadesilva/master
2021-06-29  Dinuka De SilvaRefactoring 102/head