descriptionApache Airavata Django Portal SDK
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 17 May 2022 20:59:52 +0000 (16:59 -0400)
6 days ago  Marcus ChristieBump to version 1.3.2 master v1.3.2
6 days ago  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3618 Open in UTF8 for updating
2022-02-25  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3583 Add index on file_path column v1.3.1
2021-12-09  Marcus ChristieBump to version 1.3.0 v1.3.0
2021-12-01  Marcus ChristieUpdate release instructions with $VERSION env var
2021-12-01  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3542 Bump version to 1.3.dev5 v1.3.dev5
2021-11-29  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3542 Convert given filename, renames to valid...
2021-11-19  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3542 version 1.3.dev4 v1.3.dev4
2021-11-19  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3542 rename files matching include patterns
2021-11-19  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3542 include and exclude patterns for multi...
2021-11-19  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3542 bump version to 1.3.dev3 v1.3.dev3
2021-11-19  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3542 download experiments endpoint
2021-11-16  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3538 Fix issue with setting experimentDataDir v1.3.dev2
2021-11-11  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3538 experiment_util module with launch and... v1.3.dev1
2021-11-10  Marcus ChristieFix remote API support for create_user_dir
2021-10-15  Marcus ChristieFix formatting
6 days ago v1.3.2 v1.3.2
2 months ago v1.3.1 v1.3.1
5 months ago v1.3.0 v1.3.0
5 months ago v1.3.dev5 v1.3.dev5
6 months ago v1.3.dev4 v1.3.dev4
6 months ago v1.3.dev3 v1.3.dev3
6 months ago v1.3.dev2 v1.3.dev2
6 months ago v1.3.dev1 v1.3.dev1
7 months ago v1.2.3 v1.2.3
8 months ago v1.2.2 v1.2.2
9 months ago v1.2.1 v1.2.1
9 months ago v1.2.0 v1.2.0
9 months ago v1.2.dev2 v1.2.dev2
9 months ago v1.2.dev1 v1.2.dev1
9 months ago v1.1.dev8 v1.1.dev8
9 months ago v1.1.dev7 v1.1.dev7
6 days ago dependabot/pip/django-3.2.13
6 days ago dependabot/pip/djangorestframework-3.11.2
6 days ago dependabot/pip/mkdocs-1.2.3
6 days ago dependabot/pip/cryptography-3.3.2
6 days ago dependabot/pip/requests-2.20.0
6 days ago dependabot/pip/paramiko-2.10.1
6 days ago master
10 months ago mft-integration
19 months ago AIRAVATA-3346-implement-remote-fs-abstraction-of-user-storage