2018-05-04  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2727 Updated thrift stubs master
2018-05-04  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2727 Update GroupResourceProfile thrift stubs...
2018-05-02  Marcus ChristieUpdating thrift stubs
2018-04-27  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2769 Updating constructor to match docs
2018-04-27  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2769 Documenting expected schema for applicati...
2018-04-27  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2762 Changed editor validations to be an array
2018-04-25  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2759 RadioButtonInputEditor component
2018-04-25  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2762 Factored out InputEditorFormGroup for...
2018-04-25  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2762 Experiment input validations: min-length...
2018-04-25  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2763 Textarea input editor
2018-04-25  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2760 Use editor UI component in metadata if...
2018-04-23  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2611 InputEditorMixin refactor
2018-04-23  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2611 InputEditorMixin for common input editor...
2018-04-23  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2611 Exp input editors validate value and...
2018-04-23  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2611 Factor out exp input editors into separat...
2018-04-20  Marcus ChristieFixing layout of array-view-main
2018-04-20  Marcus ChristieGet name of compute resource from computeResourceId
2018-04-20  Marcus ChristieBasic initially loading of GroupResouceProfiles list
2018-04-20  Marcus ChristieGet API methods to route for GroupResourceProfileViewSet
2018-04-20  Marcus ChristieAdding `npm run watch` script
2018-04-19  Marcus ChristieIntegrating Group Resource Profile dashboard
2018-04-19  Marcus ChristieFix path to admin.css
2018-04-19  Marcus ChristieMerge pull request #10 from eldhomathulla/master
2018-04-19  eldhomathullaupdate the dashboadr naem to reflect using of route... 10/head
2018-04-18  eldhomathullaimplemented the service api for service factory to...
2018-04-16  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2739 Reset UI state when group resource profil...
2018-04-12  Marcus ChristieHandle next parameter to take user to page after login
2018-04-05  Marcus ChristieMerge pull request #7 from eldhomathulla/master
2018-04-05  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2614 Add Application name to experiment list
2018-04-05  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2614 Add View link
2018-04-05  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2614 Color coded experiment status badge
2018-04-05  eldhomathullaMerge branch 'master' of 7/head
2018-04-05  eldhomathullaupdated autocomplete references in groupcompute preference
2018-04-05  eldhomathullaupdated autocomplete
2018-04-04  eldhomathullaadded auto complete component
2018-04-04  eldhomathullafixed ssue with loading of bootstrap-vue css
2018-04-04  eldhomathullaadding autocomplete component to commons
2018-04-03  eldhomathullaMerge branch 'master' of
2018-04-03  Marcus ChristieGroupResourceProfileSelector component
2018-04-03  Marcus ChristieGenerated Thrift Python stubs
2018-03-30  eldhomathullafixed issue with the batch queue resource policy compon...
2018-03-29  eldhomathullaadded componenets for group resource profile
2018-03-09  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2711 DRF and JS service to add/remove group...
2018-03-09  Marcus ChristieUpgrade moment.js, 2.19.1 has vulnerability
2018-03-03  Marcus ChristieLayout group action buttons inline
2018-03-03  Marcus ChristieFix group delete error handling
2018-03-03  Marcus ChristieMerge pull request #8 from stephenpaul2727/delete-groups
2018-03-02  stephenpaul2727Clean up groups 8/head
2018-03-02  stephenpaul2727Added Group Deletion Feature
2018-02-28  Marcus ChristieFix name of field
2018-02-28  Marcus ChristieClean up application dashboard UI
2018-02-28  Marcus ChristieIntegrate Admin app into site navigation
2018-02-27  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2694 Implemented GroupService.delete()
2018-02-27  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2698 App descriptions, displayed on home page
2018-02-27  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2698 Add icon class name to apps to dislay...
2018-02-27  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2698 Django app switchers added to header
2018-02-23  Marcus ChristieGo to group listing when group created
2018-02-23  Marcus ChristieRemoving JS alert
2018-02-23  Marcus ChristieChanges to work for users without a GroupResourceProfil...
2018-02-23  Marcus ChristieLoad and apply GroupResourceProfile
2018-02-23  Marcus ChristieGroupResourceProfile serializer and viewset
2018-02-23  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2688 Fix isMember for when there are no members
2018-02-23  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2688 Fix edit link
2018-02-23  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2688 Adding/removing users in group edit
2018-02-23  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2688 Regenerated thrift stubs
2018-02-22  Marcus ChristieAdding upload error logging, logging config
2018-02-22  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2688 Group edit view and refactored Autocomplete
2018-02-22  Marcus ChristieCreate intermediate dirs as well when creating exp...
2018-02-22  Marcus ChristieAdd babel transpiling to build of groups JS code
2018-02-22  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2685 Redirect to group listing when group...
2018-02-22  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2685 Fix assigning group id for newly created...
2018-02-22  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2685 List of users for group loaded from UserP...
2018-02-21  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2631 Copy app outputs to experiment
2018-02-16  Marcus ChristieAdd isMember to GroupSerializer
2018-02-16  Marcus ChristieRemove group membership view
2018-02-16  Marcus ChristieAdd isOwner, isAdmin to GroupSerializer
2018-02-15  Marcus ChristieFaking pagination of groups for now
2018-02-15  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2631 Change download URL from query param...
2018-02-15  Marcus Christiejob details might not have any JobStatuses
2018-02-15  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2631 Download icon
2018-02-15  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2631 Make sure exp dir exists and is world...
2018-02-15  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2631 Add downloadURL to DataProductSerializer
2018-02-15  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2631 Move upload/download to api app
2018-02-14  eldhomathullafixed issue with failing of fetch call.
2018-02-13  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2599 Set experimentDataDir
2018-02-08  Marcus ChristieFix getting all groups
2018-02-08  Marcus ChristieGenerate thrift stubs: GroupManagerService
2018-02-08  eldhomathullaadded compute resources table
2018-02-08  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2599 Upload input files before saving/launching
2018-02-08  eldhomathullaadded view only mode for compute resource
2018-02-07  eldhomathullaMerge branch 'master' of
2018-02-07  eldhomathullaAddes UI for compute resource dashboard
2018-01-31  Marcus ChristieGo to the dashboard after login
2018-01-31  Marcus ChristieAdd groups Vue package to the build script
2018-01-31  Marcus ChristieRemove missing airavata_sdk import
2018-01-31  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'stephenpaul2727-groups_ui_enchacement'
2018-01-31  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'groups_ui_enchacement' of https://github...
2018-01-31  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2614 Experiment list view
2018-01-30  stephenpaul2727Slight Modifications to Group Models and Services 6/head
2018-01-30  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2614 Sort imports