2020-07-17  Suresh Marruadding asf yaml to enable issues
2020-07-04  Suresh MarruMerge pull request #9 from akhil-8607/master
2020-06-30  akhil-8607Update 9/head
2020-06-27  akhil-8607Updated readme
2020-06-27  akhil-8607Update
2020-06-22  Akhil NagulavanchaImproved readability
2020-06-16  Aarushi BishtMerge pull request #8 from akhil-8607/master
2020-06-15  Akhil Nagulavanchaadded Grid view 8/head
2020-06-12  Akhil Nagulavanchaadded sort by name and size 6/head
2020-06-09  Aarushi BishtMerge pull request #7 from aarushiibisht/master
2020-04-27  Aarushi Bishtcode refactoring 7/head
2020-04-27  Aarushi BishtResources page and CSS improvements
2020-04-26  Aarushi Bishtadded grid view buttons
2020-04-25  Aarushi Bishtfixed css issues
2020-04-25  Aarushi Bishtfixed the routing issue
2020-04-24  Aarushi Bishtadded basic version of dialog box and resources UI
2020-04-12  Suresh MarruMerge pull request #5 from aarushiibisht/master 4/head
2020-04-12  Aarushi Bishtadded vue files 5/head
2020-04-11  Aarushi Bishtrefactored the code to pick up data dynamically
2020-04-11  Aarushi Bishtconfigure vue js settings for the app
2020-04-10  Aarushi BishtMerge pull request #3 from aarushiibisht/master
2020-04-10  Aarushi Bishtupdated readme 3/head
2020-04-10  Aarushi Bishtcorrected the error on server startup and reverted...
2020-04-09  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge pull request #2 from aarushiibisht/master
2020-04-09  Aarushi BishtUpdate 2/head
2020-04-09  Aarushi Bishtadded templates and javascript for storage unit UI
2020-04-08  Aarushi Bishtinitialized a vue dashboard app
2020-04-06  Suresh MarruMerge pull request #1 from aarushiibisht/master
2020-04-05  Aarushi BishtUpdate and rename README to 1/head
2020-04-05  Aarushi Bishtmft django portal project structure
2020-04-04  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdate README
2020-04-04  Suresh Marrubootstrapping mft portal repo