4 days ago  PatrickPradierFix sessionToken max length master
4 days ago  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdating python sdk files
5 days ago  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding failure handling for connectors
5 days ago  Dimuthu WannipurageLogging improvements
5 days ago  Dimuthu WannipurageMaking agent scheduling logic fair
5 days ago  Dimuthu WannipurageOData Download API Support
6 days ago  Dimuthu WannipurageSimplifying docker build
6 days ago  Dimuthu WannipurageRemoving Airavata, Datalake and Custos dependencies
6 days ago  Dimuthu WannipurageRemoving Airavata, Datalake and Custos dependencies
11 days ago  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding session token to S3 credentials
11 days ago  PatrickPradierAdd docker mode
2022-05-17  Dimuthu WannipurageLoad balancing transfer requests across over agents
2022-05-07  Dimuthu WannipurageReadme to run samples
2022-05-07  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding swift api to python sdk and fixing importing...
2022-05-07  Dimuthu WannipurageFixing the bug of hard coded swift streaming file issue
2022-05-05  Dimuthu WannipurageMinor bug fixes
2022-05-05  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding Swift storage fetch feature for generic resources
2022-05-04  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding command line client to insert swift endpoint
2022-05-03  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding Swift connector
2022-05-03  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding resource and secret apis for Openstack Swift
2022-04-20  Dimuthu WannipurageMinor bug fixes
2022-04-19  Dimuthu WannipurageStreaming chunked data transfer support
2022-04-11  Dimuthu WannipurageRemoving google dependencies from the protobuf stubs
2022-04-10  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding missing google protobuf files
2022-04-10  Dimuthu WannipurageMinor import issue fixes in python sdk
2022-04-10  Dimuthu WannipurageMinor bug fix
2022-04-10  Dimuthu WannipurageFixing the issue of invalid library paths in generated...
2022-04-10  Dimuthu WannipurageMaking the package name and distribution name consisten...
2022-04-10  Dimuthu WannipuragePython SDK intial version
2022-04-05  Dimuthu WannipurageDecoupling transfer request accept and process threads...
2022-04-05  Dimuthu WannipurageProper error handling for transfer API
2022-03-23  Dimuthu WannipurageExternalizing chunk transfer properties
2022-03-17  Dimuthu WannipurageCommand line client printing enhancements
2022-03-16  Dimuthu WannipurageChanging the build directory 0.1-pre-release
2022-03-16  Dimuthu WannipurageOptimizing dependency management in services
2022-03-15  Dimuthu WannipurageFetching transfer status from command line client
2022-03-14  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdating build scripts to support linux
2022-03-14  Dimuthu WannipurageFixing chunked transfer logic bugs and transfer client...
2022-03-12  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding an API to keep list storages
2022-03-12  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding an API to keep storage to secret mapping
2022-03-09  Dimuthu WannipurageInitial command line interface implementation
2022-03-09  Dimuthu WannipurageRefactoring storage and resource interfaces for databas...
2022-03-03  Dimuthu WannipurageRefactoring common clients
2022-03-03  Dimuthu WannipurageMigrating to log4j 2.16
2022-02-26  Dimuthu WannipurageSupporting streaming and chunked trasnport connectors
2022-02-11  Dimuthu WannipurageRemoving special characters in SCP paths
2021-10-23  Dimuthu WannipurageSimplifying the streaming logic to perform transfer...
2021-09-07  Dimuthu WannipurageFixing dependency conflict issue in Agent
2021-09-07  Dimuthu WannipurageUpgrading jackson core version of agent
2021-09-07  Dimuthu WannipurageUpgrading jackson databing version of agent
2021-09-06  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdating azure client version
2021-09-06  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdating custos version
2021-09-02  Dimuthu WannipurageTemporary fix fox deligate auth in ssh secret retrieval
2021-09-02  Dimuthu WannipurageMinor bug fix
2021-09-02  Dimuthu WannipurageSetting missing authtoken when fetching scp metadata
2021-09-02  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdating custos secret backend to communicate with...
2021-09-02  Dimuthu WannipurageMaking MFTApiClient a closable one
2021-09-01  Dimuthu WannipurageFixing stale connection issue on unclosed resource...
2021-08-23  Dimuthu WannipurageLogging improvements
2021-08-23  Dimuthu WannipurageIncreasing polling timeout for consul
2021-08-05  Dimuthu WannipurageFixing a minor logging issue
2021-07-30  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding a target agent to request if not specified
2021-07-29  Dimuthu WannipurageMinor error handling fix
2021-07-29  Dimuthu WannipurageSupporting deligate auth at mft datalake backend
2021-07-26  Dimuthu WannipurageSetting the content type header
2021-07-26  Dimuthu WannipurageRemoving CORS headers
2021-07-25  Dimuthu WannipurageDisabling cores for http download
2021-07-24  Dimuthu WannipurageFixing bug of not handling multi sectional uris
2021-07-24  Dimuthu WannipurageIntroducing the http advertise url for agent
2021-07-24  Dimuthu WannipurageHandling errors at MFT http download request
2021-07-15  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding advertised host name for Agent Http transport
2021-07-15  Dimuthu WannipurageExternalizing drms host and port in DatalakeResourceBackend
2021-07-12  Dimuthu WannipurageResource backend for Datalake
2021-07-12  Dimuthu WannipurageAuto selecting target agents when non is specified...
2021-07-12  Dimuthu WannipurageMoving user property from scp storage to credential
2021-07-09  Marcus ChristieFix checking that child path is a subdirectory of resou...
2021-07-08  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdating distribution configurations
2021-07-08  Dimuthu WannipurageRemoving secrets.json
2021-07-08  Dimuthu WannipurageRemoving secrets.json
2021-07-08  Dimuthu WannipurageImplementing datalake resource backend
2021-07-08  Dimuthu WannipurageSecuring resource manipulation apis
2021-07-08  Dimuthu WannipurageSaving auth token in transfer request store
2021-07-08  Dimuthu WannipurageTransfer event callback integration
2021-06-02  Dimuthu WannipurageUsing absolute paths for child paths
2021-05-27  Marcus ChristieUpdate stub generation docs to include CredCommon.proto
2021-05-26  Marcus Christieadding missing break statement
2021-05-19  Dimuthu WannipurageFixed
2021-04-21  Marcus ChristieLog exception when SSH session creation fails
2021-04-21  Marcus ChristieAdd CorsHandler for downloading from Django portal
2021-04-21  Marcus ChristiegetDirectoryResourceMetadata: Add file size to file...
2021-03-01  Dimuthu WannipurageRemoving typed resources
2021-02-26  Isuru RanawakaChange property variable name 31/head
2021-02-26  Isuru RanawakaSupport dynamic client providers
2021-02-26  Isuru RanawakaSupport dynamic client providers
2021-02-26  Dimuthu WannipurageMaking AuthToken global
2021-02-25  Dimuthu WannipurageMoving Auth token to a common package
2021-02-22  Isuru RanawakaAdd agent authentication bean
2021-02-22  Isuru RanawakaAdd cleanup methpds
2021-02-22  Isuru Ranawakaimplement secret backend get methods
2021-02-22  Isuru RanawakaCustos Secret backend, passing AuthZToken