Bug fix in RoleMapper
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2021-05-07  Isuru RanawakaBug fix in RoleMapper custos-integration-latest
2021-05-05  Isuru RanawakaAutomatic creation of admin user under supertenant
2021-05-05  Isuru RanawakaAdd change token to user token in get roles
2021-05-05  Isuru RanawakaAdd change token to user token in get roles
2021-05-05  Isuru RanawakaAdd change token to user token in get roles
2021-05-05  Isuru RanawakaAdd change token to user token in get roles
2020-08-19  Isuru Ranawakaremove info logs custos-integration 90/head
2020-08-19  Isuru Ranawakaremove gateway appending
2020-08-19  Isuru Ranawakaclean up
2020-08-17  Isuru RanawakaAdding logs
2020-08-17  Isuru Ranawakaextend Gateway model
2020-08-14  Isuru RanawakaFix getAccessTokenAPI
2020-08-13  Isuru Ranawakabug fixing
2020-08-13  Isuru Ranawakafixing custos access issuess
2020-08-12  Isuru Ranawakacustos integration
2020-03-27  Marcus ChristieFixing typo
2020-03-27  Marcus ChristieOnly use cafile_path if specified in config
2020-03-13  Marcus ChristieFor PHP 5.6 disable verify_peer, verify_peer_name
2019-11-06  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3257 Remove metaData location code branch...
2019-11-01  Marcus ChristieMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/staging'
2019-10-30  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3234 Only display URI_COLLECTION if it has... staging
2019-10-30  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3234 Ignore inputs of type URI_COLLECTION
2019-10-29  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3245 Adding debug logging
2019-10-29  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3249 Always initialize user profile on login
2019-10-23  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3222 Display URI_COLLECTION in exp summary
2019-10-09  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3210 Bug fix: fix typo when setting group...
2019-08-07  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3086 Fixing registering GroupManagerServicePro...
2019-08-07  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3093 Fix setting group-res-profile when clonin...
2019-08-06  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3086 Use group membership instead of roles
2019-08-06  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3086 Facade for accessing GroupManagerService
2019-07-12  Marcus ChristieMerge pull request #88 from shivamriky/re_route_admin
2019-07-11  Shivam RastogiRemovede extra spaces - Add a re-route page to automati... 88/head
2019-06-27  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3089 Use last status in array since it is...
2019-06-27  Marcus ChristieRegenerated thrift stubs
2019-06-26  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'develop' into staging
2019-06-25  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3087 Remove the ResourceType parameter from...
2019-06-25  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3085 Specify group-resource-profile-id in...
2019-06-03  Marcus ChristieChanged user enabled to map to ACTIVE state
2019-06-02  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'staging'
2019-05-30  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'master' into staging
2019-05-09  Dimuthu WannipurageLooking whether job statuses are empty before reading
2019-04-19  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2995 Require input when file doesn't exist
2019-03-01  Marcus ChristieAdd missing closing tag
2019-02-28  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'airavata-2992' into develop
2019-02-28  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2992 Skip display of experiment inputs that...
2019-02-28  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'airavata-2992' into develop
2019-02-28  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2992 Ignore non-existent input file replicas...
2019-01-04  Marcus Christieresource type parameter dropped from sharing API, remov...
2019-01-02  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdating thrift stubs
2018-12-11  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'handle-deleted-files'
2018-11-18  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding missing thrift models
2018-11-18  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdating thrift models to support staging environment
2018-10-02  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'iu-ldap-cybergateway-group' into develop
2018-10-02  Marcus ChristieFixing typo
2018-10-02  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'iu-ldap-cybergateway-group' into develop
2018-10-02  Marcus ChristieFixing missing user_id variable error
2018-10-02  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'iu-ldap-cybergateway-group' into develop
2018-10-02  Marcus ChristieCheck if ssh account setup is complete
2018-10-02  Marcus ChristieRegenerated Thrift stubs
2018-10-01  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2840 Fix CredentialSummary typo
2018-09-26  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2840 Updates for API changes
2018-09-26  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2840 Regenerate Thrift stubs
2018-09-24  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2840 Updates for cred store API changes
2018-09-24  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2840 Regenerated Thrift stubs
2018-08-14  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-2509-account-confirmation-emails...
2018-08-14  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2509 Email verification: gateway specific...
2018-07-22  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-2382-parameterize-max-upload...
2018-07-17  dimuthuRemoving unnecessary section of parsed outputs
2018-07-17  dimuthuShowing parsed text outputs
2018-07-17  dimuthuEnabling search query field in application inputs
2018-06-11  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'check-if-user-enabled' into develop
2018-06-11  Marcus ChristieCheck if user is enabled first before verifying/resendi...
2018-06-11  Marcus ChristieRegenerate Thrift stubs
2018-06-07  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'handle-deleted-files' into develop
2018-06-07  Marcus ChristieFile download unavailable icon/tooltip
2018-06-07  Marcus ChristieRemoving links from input/output files when file doesn...
2018-06-06  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2781 Using userHasAccess to test migration...
2018-06-06  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2797 using isUserResourceProfileExists API...
2018-06-05  Marcus ChristieRegenerate Thrift stubs
2018-03-28  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2500 Don't display Additional Info if account...
2018-03-26  Marcus ChristieMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/AIRAVATA-2500'
2018-03-16  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'password-ampersand-validation'
2018-03-16  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'password-ampersand-validation' into develop
2018-03-16  Marcus ChristieAdds ampersand to password regex validation
2018-03-09  Marcus ChristieMerge pull request #81 from stephenpaul2727/AIRAVATA...
2018-03-09  Marcus ChristieMerge pull request #82 from stephenpaul2727/add_selectors
2018-03-07  stephenpaul2727Added Class selectors to the rows in Experiment Summary... 82/head
2018-02-16  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'stephenpaul2727-AIRAVATA-2675' into develop
2018-02-14  stephen paulReverted auto generated key change 81/head
2018-02-14  stephenpaul2727AIRAVATA-2674 FIXED
2018-01-10  Marcus ChristieMerge pull request #79 from neeraj-lad/AIRAVATA-2509
2018-01-04  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2571 User enabled instead of email verified
2018-01-04  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-2571-email-verified'
2018-01-04  Marcus ChristieMerge pull request #80 from neeraj-lad/AIRAVATA-2571
2017-12-13  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2279 Credential store fixes
2017-12-13  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2571 User enabled instead of email verified
2017-12-13  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-2571-email-verified' into develop
2017-12-13  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2571 Add userEnabled to getUsersWithRole
2017-12-01  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'neeraj-lad-AIRAVATA-2509' into develop
2017-11-30  neeraj-ladPopulate 'Create New Account' form with email if regist... 79/head