2015-08-25  Supun Nakandalachanging the with of project summary page 0.15-release-branch
2015-08-06  Supun Nakandalaamending the last commit
2015-08-06  Supun NakandalaMerge branch '0.15-release-branch' of https://git-wip...
2015-08-06  Supun Nakandalafixing app UIs to show "crete new" when no record is...
2015-08-04  Suresh Marruuncommenting monitorng mode
2015-07-24  Supun Nakandalachanging pga-config.php template
2015-07-24  Supun Nakandalaappending the previous commit
2015-07-24  Supun Nakandalachanging experiment status based experiment fetching...
2015-07-24  Supun Nakandalafixing bug in date manipulation in experiment statistics
2015-07-24  Supun Nakandalafixing bug in JS date conversion of local to UTC
2015-07-24  Supun Nakandalaupdating the JS files
2015-07-24  Supun Nakandalafixing experiment statistics time issue.
2015-07-23  Supun Nakandalaremoving page navigation validation in pga
2015-07-23  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1538
2015-07-23  Supun Nakandalaremoving arrow in experiment placeholders
2015-07-23  Supun Nakandalamaking placeholders same size
2015-07-22  Supun Nakandalaadding user search to admin dashboard
2015-07-22  Supun Nakandalahiding credential store link in admin dashboard
2015-07-22  Supun Nakandalafixing clone experiment not working issue
2015-07-22  Supun Nakandalasorting application names in create experiment
2015-07-22  Supun Nakandalafixing Airavata-1757
2015-07-22  Supun Nakandalafixing some admin-read-only capability issues
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalafixing username email not set issue in jira issues
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalaremoving redirection confirmations for appcatalog app...
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalaredirection confirmations for appcatalog pages
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalawhen at home change nav-active to home
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalamoving hardcoded ssh username to config file
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalafixing redirection issue
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalaupdating pga_config.template
2015-07-21  Supun NakandalaMerge branch '0.15-release-branch' of https://git-wip...
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalafixing Airavata-1746, Airavata-1764
2015-07-21  Suresh MarruUpdating XSEDE15 tutorial document link
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalafixing Airavata-1746
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1401
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalafixing Airavata - 1785
2015-07-21  Supun Nakandalafixing Airavata - 1786
2015-07-18  Supun Nakandalaimplementing AIRAVATA-1783
2015-07-18  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1781
2015-07-18  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1782
2015-07-18  Supun Nakandalaremoving unwanted var_dump code
2015-07-18  Supun NakandalaMerge branch '0.15-release-branch' of https://git-wip...
2015-07-18  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1775
2015-07-17  Suresh MarruCommenting monitoring mode for data movement. We need...
2015-07-17  Suresh Marruadding gateway-id back to session
2015-07-17  Suresh MarruUpdating XSEDE 15 tutorial link and removing gateway...
2015-07-16  Supun Nakandalachanging status names in exp stat UI
2015-07-16  Supun Nakandalaupdating experiment statistics UI
2015-07-16  Supun NakandalaChanging Gateway Settings to Gateway Preferences
2015-07-16  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1535
2015-07-16  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1750
2015-07-16  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1778
2015-07-16  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1777
2015-07-16  Supun Nakandalaremoving duplicate warning message for missing project...
2015-07-16  Supun Nakandalaplaceholder for account creation email
2015-07-16  Supun Nakandalacreating default project upon user creation
2015-07-15  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1776, AIRAVATA-1774
2015-07-15  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1750
2015-07-15  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1773
2015-07-15  Supun Nakandalachanging Creation Time to Last Modified Time
2015-07-15  Supun Nakandalachanging Time to Creation Time
2015-07-15  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1767
2015-07-14  Supun Nakandalahiding Settings tab in Admin Dashboard
2015-07-14  Supun NakandalaChanging dashboard name to Admin Dashboard
2015-07-14  Supun Nakandalafixing minor issue in ExperimentUtilities
2015-07-14  Supun NakandalaAIRAVATA-1770 appending previous commit
2015-07-14  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1770
2015-07-14  Supun Nakandalafixing parallelism not set issue
2015-07-14  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1766
2015-07-14  Supun NakandalaAIRAVATA-1768 Adding server side email validation
2015-07-14  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1771
2015-07-13  Supun Nakandalafixing CR view issue
2015-07-13  Supun Nakandalacannot view browse experiments
2015-07-10  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1753
2015-07-10  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1761
2015-07-10  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1762
2015-07-09  Supun Nakandalaremoving authztoken validation and updating thrift...
2015-07-09  Supun Nakandalaupdating the thrift libraries
2015-07-09  Supun Nakandalafixing status-type not set issue
2015-07-09  Supun Nakandalafixing minor javascript isuue.
2015-07-09  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1756
2015-07-09  Supun Nakandalafixing pagination issue
2015-07-09  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1696
2015-07-08  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1706
2015-07-08  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1752
2015-07-08  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1754
2015-07-08  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1748
2015-07-06  Supun Nakandalafixing pagination issue in experiments and projects
2015-07-06  Supun Nakandalafixing some minor issues
2015-07-06  Supun Nakandalafixing some minor issues
2015-07-05  Supun Nakandalafixing AIRAVATA-1747
2015-07-05  Supun NakandalaAIRAVATA-1538 PGA fixes
2015-07-05  Supun NakandalaAiravata-1749 merging browse and search in experiments...
2015-07-05  Supun Nakandalafixing some wrong urls
2015-07-02  Supun Nakandalafixing creationTime not shown in experiment statistics...
2015-07-02  Supun NakandalaAiravata-1734. Fixing invalid space addition to id
2015-07-01  Supun NakandalaFixing AIRAVATA-1723
2015-07-01  Supun NakandalaFixing AIRAVATA-1726
2015-07-01  Supun NakandalaFixing AIRAVATA-1407. Adding max lengths for name and...
2015-07-01  Supun NakandalaFixing AIRAVATA-1377
2015-07-01  Supun NakandalaFixing AIRAVATA-1406. Added validation from PGA side...