adding airavata layered prototype
[airavata-sandbox.git] / grid-tools /
2013-06-27  amilajUpdated readme
2013-06-25  amilaj1. Removed redundant certificate directories 2. Added...
2013-06-20  amilajImproved documentation. Added code to handle job cacell...
2013-06-20  amilajChange security context to support some of the gram...
2013-06-20  amilajAdding gram functionality changes for jglobus 2
2013-06-13  Suresh Marruadding stampede endpoints
2013-06-10  amilajAdding jglobus file transfer tests
2013-06-10  amilajDid some improvements to gsi myproxy code
2013-05-31  Suresh Marruupdating transfer end points
2013-04-21  Suresh MarruChanging to XMlBeans as discussed in - AIRAVATA-656
2013-03-26  Suresh MarruUpdating test client to released version of jglobus...
2013-03-21  Suresh Marruadding sample test code to address AIRAVATA-638
2013-01-22  Lahiru Gunathilakedding key-store file.
2013-01-22  Lahiru Gunathilakefixing wrong commit for JSDL files.
2013-01-22  Lahiru Gunathilakefixing double commit in bes-client.
2013-01-21  Lahiru Gunathilakecommitting patch from Shabaz for https://issues.apache...
2013-01-21  Lahiru Gunathilakecommitting patch given by Shabaz for https://issues...
2013-01-21  Lahiru Gunathilakecommittng patch given by Shabaz for https://issues...
2013-01-21  Lahiru Gunathilakecommitting Shabhaz patches to scratch, from https:...
2013-01-21  Lahiru Gunathilakecommitting
2012-11-30  Suresh Marruaccepting contributin from shahbaz for AIRAVATA-657
2012-11-29  Suresh Marruremoving the wsdl as it needs wsa and other dependencies
2012-11-25  Suresh Marruchanging to axis2 version used across airavata
2012-11-25  Suresh Marruonly need client code generatiion
2012-11-25  Suresh Marrua generic axis2 client stub for ogf basic execution...
2012-11-24  Suresh Marrua simple jsdl example to test.
2012-11-24  Suresh Marruexperimenting jsdl generator using jaxb
2012-11-11  Suresh MarruRemoving all file transfer components and creating...
2012-11-11  Suresh Marruadding gridftp client test case to address AIRAVATA-639
2012-11-10  Suresh Marruworking gram client to trestles
2012-11-10  Suresh Marruadding the rat headers
2012-11-10  Suresh Marruadding sandbox area for grid-tools and gram client