2022-03-22  Suresh Marruadding a placeholder for 2022 gsoc projects master
2021-10-11  DImuthuUpeJupyter container magic service
2021-10-11  DImuthuUpeJupyter container magic service
2019-10-29  Dimuthu WannipurageJupyter lab integrations
2018-08-07  Suresh Marruadding a placeholder folder for gsoc projects
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalNewer report
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalUpdated report
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalIgnoring IDE files
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalLaunched pic
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalFinal report
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalTesting files
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalReadme
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalCWL related files
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalAPI class that contains the function to execute Airavat...
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalThrift files
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalTemplate file
2017-12-16  Saurabh AgrawalCopied files for Thrift
2017-12-14  nikchettIntegrated notification manager with the latest changes...
2017-12-14  Prasandeep... Updated request screen for admin dashboard
2017-12-14  Prasandeep... Added screens for reviewer and admin dashboards
2017-12-14  Prasandeep... Created landing page for User Dashboard, updated Reques...
2017-12-14  Prasandeep... Previous/Next buttons working on Create Request Form
2017-12-14  Prasandeep... Updated Create Request Form
2017-12-14  Prasandeep... updated Request Model, Added forms for Create Request
2017-12-14  Prasandeep... Added model for Request, basic UI to Create Request
2017-12-14  Prasandeep... Added skeleton code for UI using Django framework
2017-12-12  Madrina ThapaUpdated auto generated thrift files
2017-12-12  Harsha PhulwaniTested the entire pipeline and made required changes...
2017-12-10  Madrina ThapaAllocationManagerServerHandler (#30)
2017-12-09  Madrina ThapaAdded methods for request reject or approval in CPI...
2017-12-09  Harsha PhulwaniAdded thrift methods in service handler,repository...
2017-12-08  Madrina ThapaImplemented methods in service handler and repositories
2017-12-08  Harsha PhulwaniUpdated database fields and models
2017-12-07  Madrina ThapaUpdated CPI thrift file (#23)
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Adding async monitor component
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Initial agent implementation
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Fixing minor bugs
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Fixing minor bugs
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Fixing minor bugs
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Fixing minor bugs
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Refactoring workflow scheduler
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Removing unused imports
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Updating Jenkinsfile to build parent pom
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Adding parent directory to Jenkinsfile
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Adding CI/CD support
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Optimizing maven imports and adding docker build plugin...
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Refactoring
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... UI improvements
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Fixing broken features for web console
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Initial implementation of task execution engine on...
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Updated tasks to accept TaskContexts as inputs
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Integrated workflow creation flow
2017-12-06  dimuthu.upeksha2... Initial workflow composer implementation
2017-12-05  nikchettUpdated read me and added changes to the client file...
2017-12-05  Harsha PhulwaniAdded database related files and updated thrift files...
2017-12-03  nikchettAdding admin and reviewer client to call the functions...
2017-12-02  Madrina ThapaAdded serverhandler, server and client for allocation...
2017-11-29  nikchettAdding initial part of micro service admin (#18)
2017-11-21  nikchettAdding cpi methods
2017-11-21  nikchettAdded cpi methods
2017-11-18  Madrina ThapaAdded new structure in thrift model file.
2017-11-17  Harsha PhulwaniAdded entities,repositories,utils and updated pom file
2017-11-17  Harsha PhulwaniRevert "Added entities,repositories,utils and updated...
2017-11-17  Harsha PhulwaniAdded entities,repositories,utils and updated pom file
2017-11-17  Harsha PhulwaniRevert "Added Added initial files for entities,reposito...
2017-11-17  Harsha PhulwaniAdded Added initial files for entities,repositories...
2017-11-17  Suresh MarruMerge pull request #11 from nikchett/master
2017-11-14  nikchettCorrected package name 11/head
2017-11-14  nikchettAdded the notification manager
2017-11-14  nikchettAdded the notification manager
2017-11-13  nikchettRemoved redundant code
2017-11-13  nikchettRevised project details
2017-11-13  nikchettRemoving files starting with dot
2017-11-13  nikchettRemoving files starting with dot
2017-11-13  nikchettRemoving files starting with dot
2017-11-13  nikchettUpdate .gitignore
2017-11-13  nikchettUpdate .gitignore
2017-11-13  nikchettCreating multi module project to contain server and...
2017-11-13  Suresh MarruMerge pull request #9 from nikchett/master
2017-11-12  nikchettAdding directory for resources allocation manager 9/head
2017-11-01  Suresh MarruMerge pull request #8 from DImuthuUpe/master
2017-10-31  dimuthu.upeksha2... Initial commit of container based task execution workfl... 8/head
2017-08-08  scnakandalamerge
2017-08-08  scnakandalaadding application layer
2017-06-28  Gourav ShenoyAdd SSH Job Workflow
2017-06-27  scnakandalaminor updates
2017-06-27  scnakandalaadding comments
2017-06-27  scnakandalaadding jcraft
2017-06-27  scnakandalaadding missing files
2017-06-27  scnakandalaadding SSHTask initial
2017-06-27  scnakandalaadding airavata layered prototype
2017-06-22  Gourav ShenoyUpdate README for helix-playground
2017-06-22  Gourav ShenoyUpdate README for helix-playground
2017-06-22  Gourav ShenoyAdd Apache Helix playground project to sandbox
2017-05-09  scnakandalafixing the issues in notebooks and making them compatib...
2017-04-06  Suresh Marruadding jeff kinneson gsoc project
2016-10-28  Suresh Marrucloses apache/airavata-sandbox#7 merged the pr manually...
2016-10-28  Abhishek JainAdded Readme file which explains the design changes...
2016-10-28  Abhishek JainAdded files with the design changes
2016-10-28  Suresh Marrumodifting multiplexing changes