descriptionApache Airavata
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 18 May 2018 18:19:25 +0000 (14:19 -0400)
3 days ago  Marcus ChristieReorganizing DB migration scripts in prep for 0.17... master
6 days ago  Marcus Christiepga role gains vhost_server_redirect variable, used...
7 days ago  Marcus ChristieBumping prefetch.count to 400
2018-05-03  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the max walltie for SimVascular gateway to 300
2018-05-02  Marcus ChristieAdding max-wall-time-limit into simvascular pga config
2018-05-02  dimuthuLogging improvements
2018-05-02  dimuthuAdding missing emails to gfac config
2018-04-26  Eroma AbeysingheAdded vhost server alias for searching SRA
2018-04-26  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the new URL of Searching SRA gateway and added...
2018-04-24  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the CILogon name and logo in CILogon button
2018-04-24  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the CILogon into GSU Login in the Login page...
2018-04-23  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the CILogon name for next gen TDB
2018-04-23  Marcus ChristieNextGen Thermodynamics gateway: SSL/CILogon config
2018-04-23  Eroma AbeysingheAdding Next Gen Thermodynamics gateway directories
2018-04-19  Eroma AbeysingheChanged USD Login page wordings on login buttons and...
2018-04-19  Eroma AbeysingheChanged USD Login page wordings on login buttons and...
22 months ago airavata-0.16 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
2 years ago airavata-0.15 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
3 years ago airavata-0.14 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
3 years ago airavata-0.13 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
3 years ago airavata-0.12 [maven-release-plugin] copy for...
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3 months ago AIRAVATA-2500
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