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2016-09-24  Shameera RathnayakaImported ansible-airavata repo to airavata repo
2016-09-24  Shameera RathnayakaImported mesos ansible scripts to airavata repo
2014-06-30  Suresh MarruMerging airavata php clients from github
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2014-03-16  Suresh MarruUpdating Copyright Year to 2014
2013-06-29  Suresh MarruAddressing OGF copyright as described in AIRAVATA-874
2013-01-25  Suresh MarruUpdating the copyright year to 2013
2012-05-08  Suresh MarruUpdating trunk with releases 0.2 branch
2011-11-09  Suresh MarruUpdating license files to seperate source and binary...
2011-11-05  Suresh Marruincluding notices and licenses for dependency library...
2011-11-05  Suresh MarruMandatory Notice, disclaimer and license files