12 days ago  Eroma AbeysingheAdded google analytics to SimCCS master
12 days ago  Eroma AbeysingheAdded google analytics to NextTDB gateway
13 days ago  Eroma AbeysingheAdding CILogon to DDStudio
2018-11-26  Eroma AbeysingheAdded SSH key
2018-11-26  Eroma AbeysingheUpdated DDStudio gateway properties
2018-11-26  Eroma AbeysingheAdding new gateway tenant and gateway for DDStudio
2018-11-19  Dimuthu WannipurageCatching all exceptions in PBS parser
2018-11-08  DimuthuMerge pull request #184 from DImuthuUpe/AIRAVATA-2625-FIX
2018-11-06  Eroma AbeysingheAdded Hubzero and saverx gateways to pga-scigap-prod...
2018-11-06  Eroma AbeysingheAdded CILogon to SAVER-X gateway
2018-11-05  Eroma AbeysingheAdded gateway storage resource to saver-x gateway
2018-11-05  Eroma AbeysingheAdde SSL certificates to the saver-x gateway
2018-11-05  Eroma AbeysingheFixed a typo in gateway domain
2018-11-05  Eroma AbeysingheAdding new Saver-X gateway
2018-10-24  Eroma AbeysingheAdding SSL for next tdb gateway in jetstream
2018-10-23  Eroma AbeysingheAdded nexttdb-production gateway to host in Jetstream...
2018-10-22  Eroma AbeysingheAdded missing gateways to the list and commented out...
2018-10-22  Eroma AbeysingheAdded CILogon for HubZero gateway
2018-10-20  Eroma AbeysingheAdding storage resource SSH key and SSL certificates
2018-10-20  Eroma AbeysingheAdding Hubzero gateway to ansible
2018-10-19  Eroma AbeysingheAdded letsencrypt certificate to seagrid gateway
2018-10-18  Eroma AbeysingheAdded SEAGrid Elastic cluster email for monitoring
2018-10-11  Eroma AbeysingheAdded CILogon for AMP gateway
2018-10-10  Eroma Abeysingheadding the credential store token for gateway storage...
2018-10-10  Eroma AbeysingheAdding new gateway epw gateway
2018-10-10  Eroma AbeysingheMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2018-10-10  Eroma AbeysingheAdding new gateway epw gateway
2018-10-09  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'iu-ldap-cybergateway-group'
2018-10-05  Eroma Abeysingheadding R systesm and gw77 email to config
2018-10-02  Eroma AbeysingheAdded Carbonate monitoring email
2018-10-02  Marcus ChristieRegenerate thrift stubs
2018-10-02  Marcus ChristieAdded API method: isSSHSetupCompleteForUserComputeResou...
2018-10-02  Marcus ChristieIU LDAP ssh account: add user to cybergateway group
2018-09-12  Marcus ChristieUpgrade Ansible to at least due to sec vulnerab...
2018-08-30  Marcus ChristieBumping up max wall time to 600 min for Simvascular
2018-08-16  Marcus ChristieAdding redirect for
2018-08-15  Eroma AbeysingheAdding the new gateway ampgateway
2018-07-26  Eroma Abeysingheupdated simccs ssl certificates
2018-07-26  Eroma AbeysingheAdded SSL certificate to GemR gateway
2018-07-26  Eroma AbeysingheAdded both r-hpc and rutgersgemr gateways to the list
2018-07-26  Eroma AbeysingheAdding the SSH key for storage resource
2018-07-26  Eroma AbeysingheAdding new rutgers gateway
2018-07-24  Marcus ChristieUpdate testdrive to using Let's Encrypt cert
2018-07-22  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2382 Increase max file upload size for Simvascular
2018-07-22  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2382 Adding comments
2018-07-22  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2382 Moving max upload filesize to vhost config
2018-07-19  dimuthuFixing typo 184/head
2018-07-17  Eroma AbeysingheAdded Ryan's email
2018-07-17  Eroma AbeysingheAdded Kevin's email to get new user notification
2018-07-17  dimuthuChanging the string output type file destination to...
2018-07-12  Eroma AbeysingheUpdated storage SSH token
2018-07-12  Eroma AbeysingheAdding the new R systems gateway
2018-06-26  dimuthuMerge branch 'master' into AIRAVATA-2625-FIX
2018-06-25  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'is-user-enabled'
2018-06-22  dimuthuGetting file size and validating before downloading
2018-06-21  dimuthuMerge branch 'master' of
2018-06-20  Eroma AbeysingheAdded InterACTWEL Jetstream cluster email
2018-06-13  Eroma AbeysingheAdded bigdawg email for monitoring of SIU gateway
2018-06-08  Marcus ChristieThrift stub generation for isUserEnabled
2018-06-08  Marcus ChristieAdd isUserEnabled to IamAdminServices
2018-06-06  Eroma AbeysingheSwitched dreg notification email to sgrc-iu-group@iu...
2018-06-06  Eroma AbeysingheAdded new gateway folder: InterACTWEL
2018-06-04  Eroma AbeysingheAdded new theme to CSBG LSU gateway
2018-05-25  Eroma AbeysingheAdded Rob's gmail to get new user notifications
2018-05-24  Eroma AbeysingheAdded Suranga's email for gateway user account creation...
2018-05-24  DimuthuMerge pull request #199 from rkunalan/fixes
2018-05-18  Marcus ChristieReorganizing DB migration scripts in prep for 0.17...
2018-05-15  Marcus Christiepga role gains vhost_server_redirect variable, used...
2018-05-15  Marcus ChristieBumping prefetch.count to 400
2018-05-10  rkunalanFixed the table column constraint 199/head
2018-05-03  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the max walltie for SimVascular gateway to 300
2018-05-02  Marcus ChristieAdding max-wall-time-limit into simvascular pga config
2018-05-02  dimuthuLogging improvements
2018-05-02  dimuthuAdding missing emails to gfac config
2018-04-26  Eroma AbeysingheAdded vhost server alias for searching SRA
2018-04-26  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the new URL of Searching SRA gateway and added...
2018-04-24  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the CILogon name and logo in CILogon button
2018-04-24  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the CILogon into GSU Login in the Login page...
2018-04-23  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the CILogon name for next gen TDB
2018-04-23  Marcus ChristieNextGen Thermodynamics gateway: SSL/CILogon config
2018-04-23  Eroma AbeysingheAdding Next Gen Thermodynamics gateway directories
2018-04-19  Eroma AbeysingheChanged USD Login page wordings on login buttons and...
2018-04-19  Eroma AbeysingheChanged USD Login page wordings on login buttons and...
2018-04-18  Eroma AbeysingheMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2018-04-18  Eroma AbeysingheAdding supermic email for monitoring
2018-04-16  Marcus ChristieRemoving dev.ultrascan from production deployment
2018-04-14  DimuthuMerge pull request #190 from DImuthuUpe/AIRAVATA-2467
2018-04-13  Marcus ChristieAdding analytics var to Simvascular pga_config template
2018-04-13  Eroma AbeysingheAdded the new google analytics ID for CSBG LSU
2018-04-13  Marcus ChristieUse pga_default_http_port (defaults to 80) in http...
2018-04-13  Eroma AbeysingheAdded the new google analytics ID
2018-04-07  dimuthuFixing output files not staging issues when wildcards... 190/head
2018-04-04  dimuthuChecking whether argument contains inside each line...
2018-04-02  Marcus ChristieIU Cybergateway: automatically assign gateway-user...
2018-03-28  Marcus ChristieIU Cybergateway: disable password login, IU CAS only
2018-03-26  Marcus ChristieTravis: clone full repo for git-describe to work
2018-03-26  Marcus ChristieMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/AIRAVATA-2500'
2018-03-16  dimuthuValidating output file size before reading to avoid...
2018-03-15  Eroma AbeysingheMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2018-03-15  Eroma AbeysingheAdding demo gateways for ACS workshop