4 days ago  eroma2014Increased the size of uploading files for MIGA gateway master
5 days ago  Marcus ChristieAnsible: disabling usd deploy until we get valid certs
2022-04-25  eroma2014Removed CIRC email from the notification list.
2022-04-15  Marcus ChristieAnsible: trecx app id for prod amos gateway
2022-04-13  Marcus ChristieAnsible: production branch of lrose-sgci django app
2022-04-06  Marcus ChristieAnsible: global floods - django app and geo db config
2022-04-06  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3411 Ansible: tusd_upload_dir for prod inventory
2022-04-05  PJ FanningAIRAVATA-3590 remove xmlbeans
2022-04-05  PJ FanningAIRAVATA-3590 upgrade log4j and commons-io
2022-04-05  PJ Fanningupdate versions
2022-04-05  PJ Fanningjackson
2022-04-04  Eroma AbeysingheUpdate email-config.yaml.j2
2022-04-04  Dimuthu WannipurageCommenting out htcondor email configs
2022-04-04  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'htcondor-new'
2022-04-04  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdating Helix version
2022-03-21  Marcus ChristieAnsible: Updating Helix download URLs
2022-03-21  Marcus ChristieMerge pull request #276 from apache/AIRAVATA-3549
2022-03-11  Marcus ChristieAnsible: update/downgrade zabbix agent to 4.0.x
2022-03-11  Eroma AbeysingheUpdate email-config.yaml.j2
2022-03-07  Marcus ChristieAnsible: pubad django app config
2022-03-03  Marcus ChristieAnsible: disabling global floods app until we get it...
2022-02-28  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3585 update regex to include React generated...
2022-02-21  Eroma AbeysingheUpdate email-config.yaml.j2
2022-02-16  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 Only allow fetching intermediate outputs... 276/head
2022-02-16  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 Allow users with READ access to get inter...
2022-02-10  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 code simplification, relying on final...
2022-02-10  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 Add CompletingTask to get COMPLETED statu...
2022-02-10  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 When fetching intermediate URI_COLLECTION...
2022-02-03  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'ultrascan-mainteinence'
2022-01-26  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3570 Ansible: include web component build dir
2022-01-26  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 Add intermediate output methods for all...
2022-01-18  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-3550'
2022-01-18  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'airavata-3319'
2022-01-14  Dimuthu WannipurageFixing the issue of standard out and error files are...
2022-01-14  Dimuthu WannipurageAvoiding premature helix manager closure ultrascan-mainteinence
2022-01-14  Dimuthu WannipurageGracefully cleaning up the helix manager to avoid stale...
2022-01-14  Dimuthu WannipurageRelevant changes from htcondor branch htcondor-new 278/head
2022-01-07  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 Add method to check on status of intermed...
2022-01-07  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 Orch: update intermediate output fetching...
2022-01-07  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 API validation that experiment is executi...
2022-01-05  eroma2014Updated the redirect URI for the geo gateway
2022-01-05  Dimuthu WannipuragePrioritizing external parameters when constructing...
2022-01-05  Dimuthu WannipurageUpdating the slurm script to override parmaters with...
2022-01-05  Dimuthu WannipurageIgnoring sym links empty directories when building...
2022-01-05  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-3549' into develop
2022-01-05  Dimuthu WannipurageOptimizing the un-archiving process by separating out...
2022-01-04  Dimuthu WannipurageMinor logging enhancement
2022-01-04  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 Derive the parent process for intermediat...
2022-01-04  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 Regenerated thrift stubs - removing paren...
2022-01-03  Dimuthu WannipurageMinor enhancement
2022-01-03  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-3549' into develop
2022-01-03  Dimuthu WannipurageFine grained state publish mechanism for helix tasks
2022-01-03  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-3549' into develop
2022-01-03  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding a parent process id field to fetch intermediate...
2022-01-01  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-3549' into develop
2022-01-01  Dimuthu WannipurageMaking task context load on demand
2021-12-31  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-3549' into develop
2021-12-31  Dimuthu WannipurageFixing the bug in deserializing intermediate output...
2021-12-31  Dimuthu WannipurageMinor bug fix of missing intermediate output filter...
2021-12-30  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-3549' into develop
2021-12-17  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge pull request #275 from apache/log4j-upgrade
2021-12-17  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'log4j-upgrade' into develop
2021-12-17  Dimuthu WannipurageAdding mistakenly deleted api-server start code log4j-upgrade 275/head
2021-12-17  Dimuthu WannipurageMerge branch 'log4j-upgrade' into develop
2021-12-17  Dimuthu WannipurageUpgrading from log4j -> log4j2 + refactoring
2021-12-15  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-3550' into develop
2021-12-15  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3550 newer version of assembly plugin for...
2021-12-15  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 Initial API/Orch changes for fetching...
2021-12-15  Dimuthu WannipurageSupporting intermediate transfers at helix level
2021-12-15  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3549 Thrift stubs generated for fetchExperimen...
2021-12-14  Marcus ChristieAnsible: removing
2021-12-10  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3319 Ansible: add more external IDP userinfo...
2021-12-03  eroma2014Merge branch 'develop' of
2021-12-03  eroma2014Adding Dev RNAMake gateway CILogon
2021-12-03  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'master' into develop
2021-12-03  eroma2014Adding Dev RNAMake gateway
2021-12-03  eroma2014Adding Dev RNAMake gateway
2021-12-02  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3546 Ansible: update certbot, ca certs
2021-12-02  eroma2014Adding Dev RNAMake gateway
2021-11-30  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-3546' into develop
2021-11-30  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3546 Update certbot, ca certs
2021-11-09  eroma2014Adding DeepPDB gateway SSH key and cilogon
2021-11-09  eroma2014Adding DeepPDB gateway
2021-11-09  eroma2014Adding DeepPDB gateway
2021-11-08  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'airavata-3525'
2021-11-05  Marcus ChristieAnsible: adding global-floods-django-app to deploy
2021-10-29  Marcus ChristieAnsible: changing trecx-django-app git url
2021-10-21  Marcus ChristieRevert "Change in name of AMOS gateway"
2021-10-21  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3533 Support redirecting from old HTTPS domain...
2021-10-21  eroma2014Change in name of AMOS gateway
2021-10-15  eroma2014Adding new gateway with cilogon
2021-10-15  eroma2014Adding new gateway with cilogon
2021-10-13  eroma2014Adding new gateway
2021-10-13  eroma2014Adding new gateway
2021-10-13  eroma2014Adding new gateway
2021-10-08  eroma2014removed the alias added for amp gateway
2021-10-08  eroma2014Updating the AMP gateway new domain
2021-10-07  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3524: workaround for timeout when adding all...
2021-10-06  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'airavata-3525' into develop
2021-10-06  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-3525 Fix the OPTIONS setting for MySQL/MariaDB