4 days ago  Marcus ChristieReorganizing DB migration scripts in prep for 0.17... master
7 days ago  Marcus Christiepga role gains vhost_server_redirect variable, used...
7 days ago  Marcus ChristieBumping prefetch.count to 400
2018-05-03  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the max walltie for SimVascular gateway to 300
2018-05-02  Marcus ChristieAdding max-wall-time-limit into simvascular pga config
2018-05-02  dimuthuLogging improvements
2018-05-02  dimuthuAdding missing emails to gfac config
2018-04-26  Eroma AbeysingheAdded vhost server alias for searching SRA
2018-04-26  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the new URL of Searching SRA gateway and added...
2018-04-24  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the CILogon name and logo in CILogon button
2018-04-24  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the CILogon into GSU Login in the Login page...
2018-04-23  Eroma AbeysingheChanged the CILogon name for next gen TDB
2018-04-23  Marcus ChristieNextGen Thermodynamics gateway: SSL/CILogon config
2018-04-23  Eroma AbeysingheAdding Next Gen Thermodynamics gateway directories
2018-04-19  Eroma AbeysingheChanged USD Login page wordings on login buttons and...
2018-04-19  Eroma AbeysingheChanged USD Login page wordings on login buttons and...
2018-04-18  Eroma AbeysingheMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2018-04-18  Eroma AbeysingheAdding supermic email for monitoring
2018-04-16  Marcus ChristieRemoving dev.ultrascan from production deployment
2018-04-14  DimuthuMerge pull request #190 from DImuthuUpe/AIRAVATA-2467
2018-04-13  Marcus ChristieAdding analytics var to Simvascular pga_config template
2018-04-13  Eroma AbeysingheAdded the new google analytics ID for CSBG LSU
2018-04-13  Marcus ChristieUse pga_default_http_port (defaults to 80) in http...
2018-04-13  Eroma AbeysingheAdded the new google analytics ID
2018-04-07  dimuthuFixing output files not staging issues when wildcards... 190/head
2018-04-02  Marcus ChristieIU Cybergateway: automatically assign gateway-user...
2018-03-28  Marcus ChristieIU Cybergateway: disable password login, IU CAS only
2018-03-26  Marcus ChristieTravis: clone full repo for git-describe to work
2018-03-26  Marcus ChristieMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/AIRAVATA-2500'
2018-03-15  Eroma AbeysingheMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2018-03-15  Eroma AbeysingheAdding demo gateways for ACS workshop
2018-03-15  Marcus ChristieChange Git URL to dREG's repo
2018-03-14  Marcus ChristieListen line is resulting in duplicate with main httpd...
2018-03-14  Eroma AbeysingheAdding demo gateway1 for ACS workshop
2018-03-08  Sachin KariyattinAdding Sachin Kariyattin to Airavata pom.xml
2018-03-07  Sneha TilakAdding tilaks to Airavata pom.xml
2018-03-06  dimuthuAdding Dimuthu's details to the pom
2018-02-20  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'DImuthuUpe-ansible-standalone'
2018-02-20  Marcus ChristieUse 'become' to open http/https ports
2018-02-19  Marcus ChristieSetting default pga_git_branch
2018-02-19  Marcus ChristieRemove registry client from credential store
2018-02-19  Marcus ChristieUse 'become' to open port 22 in firewall
2018-02-19  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'ansible-standalone' of https://github...
2018-02-19  dimuthuReverting back to http urls as ansible does not trust... 170/head
2018-02-19  dimuthuMinor improvement
2018-02-19  dimuthuMoving default gateway initialization code to api server
2018-02-19  dimuthuRemoving admin email value
2018-02-19  dimuthuAdding missing placeholder
2018-02-19  dimuthuReverting back to https urls
2018-02-16  dimuthuUpdating cloning url to original airavata repo
2018-02-13  dimuthufixing minor issues
2018-02-13  dimuthufixing database transaction issue in creating password...
2018-02-13  dimuthuAnsible changes for Airavata Standalone Server
2018-02-09  Eroma AbeysingheAdded USD SLURM cluster email for monitoring.
2018-02-06  Eroma AbeysingheAdded GSU cluster email for monitoring.
2018-01-29  Marcus ChristieMerge pull request #166 from DImuthuUpe/AIRAVATA-2143
2018-01-29  dimuthuProviding high priority for process level queue name 166/head
2018-01-29  dimuthuFixing Airavata-2143 : Experiments with overridden...
2018-01-29  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-2590-uge_groovy-template-fixes'
2018-01-22  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2594 Allow gateway-users to call getGatewayRes... AIRAVATA-2500
2018-01-18  Eroma AbeysingheAdded Searching SRA Jetstream cluster email for job...
2018-01-18  Eroma AbeysingheAdded Stampede2 email for job monitoring
2018-01-18  dimuthu.upeksha2... Validating port value before overriding
2018-01-18  dimuthu.upeksha2... Fixing AIRAVATA-2624 Sampede2 cluster SSH connectivity...
2018-01-18  dimuthu.upeksha2... Fixing AIRAVATA-2621
2018-01-09  Eroma Abeysingheadded google analytics ID for IU Cyber gateway
2018-01-09  Eroma Abeysingheadded google analytics ID for SimCCS gateway
2018-01-09  Eroma Abeysingheadded google analytics ID for SimVascular gateway
2018-01-09  Eroma Abeysingheadded google analytics ID for SIU gateway
2018-01-09  Eroma Abeysingheadded google analytics ID
2018-01-09  Eroma Abeysingheadded google analytics ID
2018-01-09  Eroma Abeysingheairavata PGA gateway installation parameters updated
2018-01-09  Eroma Abeysingheadded Rodeo VM details
2018-01-04  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-2571-email-verified'
2018-01-04  Eroma Abeysingheadded SSC gateway details
2018-01-04  Eroma Abeysingheadded SSC gateway URL
2017-12-22  Suresh Marruchanging dev email address to devjobs
2017-12-21  Eroma AbeysingheAdded google analytics tracking ID for dREG sequencing...
2017-12-21  Eroma AbeysingheAdded google analytics tracking ID for testdrive gateway
2017-12-21  Eroma AbeysingheAdded google analytics traching ID for USD gateway
2017-12-21  Eroma AbeysingheAdded the public key generated by the gateway to the...
2017-12-21  Eroma AbeysingheAdding Searching SRA gateway record to the file
2017-12-21  Eroma AbeysingheMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2017-12-21  Eroma AbeysingheAdding Searching SRA gateway
2017-12-21  Marcus ChristieUpdating email addresses in gfac-config.yaml
2017-12-21  Marcus ChristieLog error when failing to execute groovy template
2017-12-13  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2571 Use `state` field to indicate if Keycloak...
2017-12-13  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2571 Set emailVerified=true when user is enabled
2017-12-12  Marcus ChristieRemove local state from SCPDataStageTask
2017-12-11  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'google-analytics-ansible'
2017-12-09  Suresh Marrutemporarly adding dev ultrascan to point to gw153 airav...
2017-12-09  Suresh Marruchanging ultrascan gateway to point to production stack
2017-12-07  Eroma AbeysingheAdded SIU big dog email and jetstream email in to the...
2017-12-07  Marcus ChristieGoogle Analytics ID in ansible pga_config.php template
2017-12-01  Marcus ChristieAdding gfac.yml playbook for updating gfac only
2017-12-01  Suresh Marruchanging monitoring email
2017-11-09  Marcus ChristieAIRAVATA-2590 Only add processPerNode if there is a...
2017-11-09  Marcus ChristieDisable sharing in new ultrascan portal
2017-11-08  Marcus ChristieMerge branch 'AIRAVATA-2517-keycloak-mysql-connections'
2017-11-08  Marcus ChristieFixing typo