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2020-09-08  Louis BrunnerRework create/update workflow, unify Checks API arguments
2020-09-07  Louis BrunnerAdd 'details_url' input as requested in #5
2020-09-07  Louis BrunnerMake 'conclusion' optional unless 'status' is required...
2020-09-07  Louis BrunnerUpdate all dependencies, fix various type/lint issues
2020-03-01  Louis BrunnerFix typo
2020-02-29  Louis BrunnerCentralize TODOs
2020-02-29  Louis BrunnerFix build pipeline
2020-02-29  Louis BrunnerTransform arguments from YAML to JSON
2020-02-29  Louis BrunnerFirst draft
2020-02-29  Louis BrunnerSetup repo
2020-02-29  Louis BrunnerInitial commit