descriptionAutomation around CI infrastructure for Apache Airflow
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 31 Mar 2022 10:36:12 +0000 (12:36 +0200)
2022-03-31  Jarek PotiukUpdate to latest version of runner main
2022-03-20  Jarek PotiukAdd support for building image using ARM hardware
2022-03-20  Jarek PotiukRemove mistakenly added sessionmanager
2022-03-19  Jarek PotiukRevert "Bump to latest version of buildx and docker...
2022-03-19  Jarek PotiukBump to latest version of buildx and docker-compose
2022-03-19  Jarek PotiukNew version of runner
2022-03-09  Jarek PotiukMerge pull request #50 from apache/add-qemu
2022-03-09  Jarek PotiukAdd qemu installation add-qemu 50/head
2022-03-09  Jarek PotiukMerge pull request #49 from apache/add-multi-platform...
2022-03-09  Jarek PotiukAdd support for multi-platform buildx builds add-multi-platform-buildx-support 49/head
2022-03-01  Ash Berlin... Runner v2.288.1-airflow1
2022-02-04  Ash Berlin... Install entropy deamon better suited to running on VMs
2022-01-28  Jarek PotiukUpgrade to v2.287.1
2022-01-21  Ash Berlin... Disable shipping logs to CloudWatch
2022-01-21  Jarek PotiukMerge pull request #48 from apache/really-proper-permis...
2022-01-21  Jarek PotiukSets up proper ownership and permissions for buildx... 48/head
7 weeks ago main
2 months ago add-qemu
2 months ago add-multi-platform-buildx-support
3 months ago add-docker-buildx-plugin
5 months ago restart_note
5 months ago add-latest-git-version
7 months ago update-version-to-282.0
8 months ago update-to-2.280.3
9 months ago upgrade-to-latest-runner
12 months ago sync-commiters
12 months ago add-gcp-cloud-init