Bumped version to 1.2.6
[airflow-flask-openid-fork.git] / ChangeLog
2015-09-14  Patrick UiterwijkBump version to 1.2.5
2015-09-14  Patrick UiterwijkUpdate ChangeLog for base64
2015-09-14  Patrick UiterwijkUpdate changelog
2014-12-05  Patrick UiterwijkAdded support for immediate mode requests. [Patrick...
2014-10-24  Patrick UiterwijkSupport using the url_root as trust_root. [Patrick...
2014-10-08  Patrick UiterwijkBump versions already for 1.2.4
2014-10-08  Patrick UiterwijkFix compatibility issue introduced in 1.2.2 for python<2.7
2014-10-07  Patrick UiterwijkAdd shebang to example to make it easier to run
2014-10-07  Patrick UiterwijkMake the check for string types also work on Python 3.
2014-10-07  Patrick UiterwijkSeems 1.2.2 was actually never released.
2014-10-06  Patrick UiterwijkMake OpenID errors a bit more descriptive.
2014-10-06  Patrick UiterwijkMake it easier to run the example by creating the table...
2014-04-26  Patrick UiterwijkRelease 1.2.2
2014-04-26  evgenfix AttributeError for python 3
2014-01-26  Patrick UiterwijkBump version to 1.2.1
2014-01-26  Patrick UiterwijkAdd changelog entries
2014-01-22  Patrick UiterwijkBump version
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkAdds a feature where applications can define which...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkAdd extensions support to ChangeLog and fix a bug where...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkAdd changelog