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2015-09-14  Patrick UiterwijkMerge pull request #42 from yuvallanger/patch-1
2015-02-19  Yuval LangerAdding missing `be`
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkDocument safe_roots and extensions
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkAdd ask_for_optional, giving the option to mark specifi...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkFixes the inclusion name in documentation and examples...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkSmall typo fix in documentation.
2012-10-07  Armin RonacherRenamed module to flask_openid
2011-01-07  andy wilsontypo fix in Responding to Successful Logins section
2010-09-03  Matt Swansonfixed typo in context variable in documentation example
2010-07-25  Armin RonacherFixed a typo in the docs
2010-07-23  Armin RonacherUpdated submodule
2010-06-21  Armin RonacherAdded support for configurations
2010-05-07  Armin RonacherAdded submodule for themes
2010-05-07  Armin RonacherRemoved theme, theme is no refactored for general usage.
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherAdded missing png
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherRemoved build folder from repo, fixed a bug with AX...
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherAdded setup.py and .cfg
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherDocumented COMMON_PROVIDERS
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherInitial commit of refactored simpleopenid module.