Bumped version to 1.2.6
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2016-05-09  Patrick UiterwijkDisable autocommit in example
2014-10-07  Patrick UiterwijkSet +x on example.py
2014-10-07  Patrick UiterwijkAdd shebang to example to make it easier to run
2014-10-06  Patrick UiterwijkMake it easier to run the example by creating the table...
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkAdd PAPE extension as example
2014-01-18  Patrick UiterwijkAdds a feature where applications can define which...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkAdd ask_for_optional, giving the option to mark specifi...
2014-01-17  Patrick UiterwijkFixes the inclusion name in documentation and examples...
2012-10-07  Armin RonacherUpdated an import in the examples
2012-01-18  Armin RonacherAdded README for the example. Refs #8
2010-07-17  Priit LaesRemove empty setup.py from example
2010-07-17  Priit LaesMinor grammar fixes in example
2010-06-21  Armin RonacherAdded support for configurations
2010-05-06  Armin RonacherInitial commit of refactored simpleopenid module.