2020-04-05  Anthony SottileMerge pull request #16 from pre-commit/dependabot/npm_a...
2020-04-05  dependabot... Bump acorn from 6.4.0 to 6.4.1
2020-03-09  Anthony SottileMerge pull request #14 from uranusjr/cache-key-python...
2020-03-09  Tzu-ping ChungUse python -c to get the interpreter path hash
2020-03-06  Anthony Sottilealso include the location of the python in the cache key
2020-01-10  Anthony Sottilev1.0.1
2020-01-09  Anthony SottileOnly run push for pull requests
2019-12-09  Anthony SottileMerge pull request #2 from pre-commit/security_update
2019-12-09  Anthony Sottilefix security nag
2019-11-27  Anthony SottileGive the action sample a `name: ...`
2019-11-25  Anthony SottileInitial commit
2019-08-24  Anthony SottileEmpty initial commit