descriptionApache Airflow - A platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSat, 21 May 2022 16:15:12 +0000 (18:15 +0200)
97 min ago  Jarek PotiukAdd limit for JPype1 (#23847) main
2 hours ago  Daniel StandishMask sensitive values for not-yet-running TIs (#23807)
3 hours ago  Jarek PotiukBetter fix for constraint-reference (#23845)
8 hours ago  Jarek PotiukAdd missing "airflow-constraints-reference" parameter...
17 hours ago  Jed CunninghamHelm chart 1.6.0 is released; bump chart version to...
20 hours ago  Mike KravtsovUpdate Production Guide for Helm Chart docs (#23836)
21 hours ago  Daniel StandishDon't use the root logger in KPO _suppress function...
22 hours ago  Joel OssherExclude missing tasks from the gantt view (#23627)
23 hours ago  Jarek PotiukSelf upgrade when refreshing images (#23686)
23 hours ago  Jarek PotiukAdd tool to automaticaly update status of AIP-47 issues...
25 hours ago  Jed CunninghamDocument fix for broken elasticsearch logs with 2.3...
27 hours ago  Chris RedekopAutomatically reschedule stalled queued tasks in Celery...
27 hours ago  Jarek PotiukFix retrieval of deprecated non-config values (#23723)
27 hours ago  Karthikeyan... Fix secrets rendered in UI when task is not executed...
29 hours ago  Ian BussFix provider import error matching (#23825)
35 hours ago  Xiao Fu[Issue#22846] allow option to encode or not encode...
20 hours ago helm-chart/1.6.0 Apache Airflow Helm Chart 1.6.0
3 days ago helm-chart/1.6.0rc2 Apache Airflow Helm Chart 1.6.0rc2
9 days ago providers-trino/2.3.0rc1
9 days ago providers-trino/2.3.0
9 days ago providers-tableau/2.1.8rc1
9 days ago providers-tableau/2.1.8
9 days ago providers-ssh/2.4.4rc1
9 days ago providers-ssh/2.4.4
9 days ago providers-snowflake/2.7.0rc1
9 days ago providers-snowflake/2.7.0
9 days ago providers-salesforce/3.4.4rc1
9 days ago providers-salesforce/3.4.4
9 days ago providers-presto/2.2.1rc1
9 days ago providers-presto/2.2.1
9 days ago providers-opsgenie/3.1.0rc1
9 days ago providers-opsgenie/3.1.0
38 min ago constraints-main
41 min ago constraints-2-3
96 min ago v2-3-test
97 min ago main
8 days ago v1-10-test
3 weeks ago v2-3-stable
4 weeks ago grid-timeline
5 weeks ago consistent-duration-format
5 weeks ago v2-2-stable
6 weeks ago constraints-2.2.5-fix
7 weeks ago v2-2-test
7 weeks ago constraints-2-2
2 months ago constraints-2-2-2-fixed
4 months ago constraints-2-2-3-fixed
5 months ago constraints-2-1-fixed
7 months ago v2-1-test