2008-08-27  Stefan Bodewigtags common for AntUnit release tags/antunit_11 antunit_11
2008-07-04  Nicolas LaleveeAdd of my public key
2008-04-23  Stefan Bodewigrevert to rev641481
2008-04-08  Stefan BodewigTemporary patch to track down the dotnet-test failure...
2008-03-26  Stefan BodewigAdd license
2007-12-06  Xavier Haninadd xavier key
2007-07-02  Jan MaterneUse of the wrong property name, so it now cleans the...
2007-02-05  Stefan BodewigEnable ivy.xml creation by default
2007-02-05  Stefan Bodewigoops, was thinking in macrodef terms
2007-02-05  Stefan Bodewigextract common functionality
2007-02-05  Stefan BodewigAdd ivy.xml creation
2007-02-05  Stefan Bodewigseparate Maven 2 stuff from rest
2007-02-05  Stefan BodewigTypo - and create checksums for template created POMs...
2006-10-27  Stefan BodewigOuch, committed an invalid build file
2006-10-27  Stefan Bodewigexplicitly set -source and -target when compiling
2006-10-20  Stefan BodewigSupport for Maven changes-plugin like changes.xml
2006-10-11  Matthew Jason... put junit.fork and junit.forkmode in overridable properties
2006-09-25  Stefan Bodewigfix bug inherited from core
2006-09-22  Stefan BodewigMatch what Matt has done in core
2006-09-19  Steve Loughranonly search in the expected location for the JAR, other...
2006-09-17  Stefan Bodewigrename, bundle it with the source...
2006-09-01  Stefan BodewigAdd KEYS file
2006-09-01  Stefan BodewigAdd build.xml to source dist, create plain text version...
2006-09-01  Stefan Bodewigadd a distribution target
2006-08-31  Stefan BodewigAdd stylesheet
2006-08-27  Stefan Bodewigfix antunit invokation
2006-08-27  Stefan BodewigAdd AntUnit test targets
2006-08-26  Stefan BodewigMove JUnit tests into a separate directory structure...
2006-08-08  Steve Loughranmake it optional
2006-08-08  Steve Loughranworking w/ httpunit, now to test on some others.
2006-08-08  Steve LoughranChecking this in to pull it out on the various antlibs...
2006-07-26  Stefan Bodewigapply new NOTICE file policy
2006-06-07  Stefan Bodewigread a local properties file
2005-05-02  Stefan BodewigBetter define the property build if you want to delete...
2005-04-29  Stefan BodewigAdd clean target
2005-04-19  Stefan BodewigGive build file a name
2005-04-19  Stefan BodewigProvide a basic build infrastructure for antlibs