2006-09-13  Stefan BodewigTag 1.0 Beta 1 tags/10_B1 10_B1
2006-09-05  Stefan Bodewigmigrate the remaining docs to "normal" Ant task doc...
2006-09-04  Stefan Bodewigupdate some docs to "plain" format
2006-09-01  Stefan Bodewigremove conflicting styles
2006-09-01  Stefan BodewigAdd a DOAP file, will add release date later ;-)
2006-09-01  Stefan Bodewigimprove docs
2006-09-01  Stefan Bodewigforgot some old task docs
2006-09-01  Stefan Bodewigapply committers-svn:tools/
2006-08-31  Stefan Bodewigstyle documentation
2006-08-31  Stefan Bodewigreflect adoption of old core tasks
2006-08-27  Stefan Bodewigturn old .NET task tests into AntUnit tests
2006-08-26  Stefan Bodewigcopy tests and documentation from core
2006-08-26  Stefan BodewigMove JUnit tests into a separate directory structure...
2006-08-24  Stefan Bodewigcopy the core tasks, no changes yet, tests need to...
2006-08-24  Stefan BodewigMove a few files around
2006-07-26  Stefan Bodewigadd required NOTICE file
2006-06-05  Stefan Bodewigmake WiX task work
2006-01-26  Stefan Bodewigfix command line building of <msbuild>, PR 38392, contr...
2005-12-20  Stefan Bodewigfor reasons I don't understand I get exceptions from...
2005-12-16  Stefan Bodewigfix msbuild task
2005-11-23  Stefan Bodewigpromote dotnet antlib
2005-10-07  Stefan Bodewigcleanup provided by Kev Jackson trunk@348097
2005-05-24  Stefan BodewigRemove empty directories
2005-05-02  Stefan BodewigRename package
2005-04-19  Stefan BodewigMake sandboxes build
2005-04-15  Stefan BodewigImport sandbox antlibs