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2020-08-14  Jan MatÚrneFix Javadoc as it breaks the build master
2019-05-26  jkfMerge branch 'master' of
2019-05-26  jkfupdated reference to license from http to https using...
2014-06-04  Jan Matèrnefix javadoc warnings
2010-04-12  Stefan Bodewigremove costly indexOf - see revision 932588 of core...
2010-02-27  Matthew Jason Bensonmoving ConditionEvaluator to ConditionTypeEvaluator...
2010-02-26  Matthew Jason Bensonadd LogicalOperationEvaluator
2010-02-26  Matthew Jason Bensonextract DelegatingPropertyEvaluator from StringOperatio...
2010-02-26  Matthew Jason Bensonadd == check to equals()
2010-02-26  Matthew Jason Bensonmake options modifiable
2010-02-26  Matthew Jason Bensonjavadoc; fmt; equals; hashCode
2010-02-26  Matthew Jason Bensondocument \!
2010-02-26  Matthew Jason Bensonremove unnecessary nc group
2010-02-26  Matthew Jason Bensonextract repeating part from regex
2010-02-26  Matthew Jason Bensondocument regex
2010-02-25  Matthew Jason Bensonadd condition negation
2010-02-25  Matthew Jason Bensonmake condition evaluator work for restricted types...
2010-02-25  Matthew Jason Bensonreference resolving evaluator baked into core
2010-02-10  Stefan Bodewigminimal docs, a bit more tests, tiny optimization and...
2010-02-09  Stefan Bodewigevaluator that evaluates ant conditions. can certainly...
2010-01-14  Matthew Jason Bensonadd EncodeURLEvaluator
2008-10-10  Matthew Jason Bensonnested double dollar bug
2008-03-26  Stefan BodewigAdd license
2007-09-24  Peter Reillyuse the new PropertyExpander api
2007-07-25  Matthew Jason Bensonmodifying delimiter was broken
2007-06-29  Matthew Jason Bensondocument change of type eval syntax to type(arg) rather...
2007-06-29  Matthew Jason Bensontweakage
2007-06-25  Matthew Jason Bensonput stuff in trunk