2005-11-24  Stefan Bodewigimprove assert message
2005-11-24  Stefan Bodewigfix repo paths
2005-11-24  Stefan Bodewigadapt to output differences in different versions of...
2005-11-22  Stefan Bodewigpromote antlibs
2005-05-24  Stefan BodewigRemove empty directories trunk@348095
2005-05-02  Stefan Bodewigmissed some files
2005-05-02  Stefan BodewigAugment clean target
2005-05-02  Stefan Bodewigrename packages
2005-04-19  Stefan BodewigUse Ant's repo for most of the test now
2005-04-19  Stefan BodewigMake sandboxes build
2005-04-15  Stefan BodewigImport sandbox antlibs