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2012-11-26  Jean-Louis Boudartremove unnecessary closing tag
2012-11-26  Jean-Louis Boudartcommand-line-debugger now follow easyant standards...
2012-11-26  Jean-Louis BoudartFormat module.ivy files in tasks
2011-06-15  Siddhartha PurkayasthaNot needed since moving out of Ant.
2011-06-15  Siddhartha PurkayasthaCorrected a display message where the property name...
2011-06-15  Siddhartha PurkayasthaAdding a clean target.
2011-06-15  Siddhartha PurkayasthaAnt Build for debugger
2011-06-15  Siddhartha PurkayasthaInstructions on using the debugger
2011-06-15  Siddhartha PurkayasthaSome formatting, message and command name changes.
2011-06-15  Siddhartha PurkayasthaAdding the Listener class, made a modification to loadi...
2011-06-15  Siddhartha PurkayasthaMigrating the debugger to use Build Listeners instead...
2011-06-07  Siddhartha PurkayasthaCommitting formatted version of the file.
2011-06-07  Siddhartha PurkayasthaUsing a formatted version of as is used...
2011-06-07  Siddhartha PurkayasthaCommiting the patch and status files.
2011-06-07  Siddhartha PurkayasthaSources for implementing PoC for debugger
2011-06-07  Siddhartha PurkayasthaRenaming the directory according to ant conventions.
2011-06-07  Siddhartha PurkayasthaSources for implementing PoC for debugger