add contributor of IVY-1632 to contributors list
[ant-ivy.git] / .classpath.default
2019-05-26  jkfupdated reference to license from http to https using...
2017-10-25  Gintas GrigelionisMore adjustments to Eclipse classpath (whitespace,...
2017-10-23  Gintas GrigelionisAdjust Eclipse classpath
2017-05-25  Nicolas LalevéeMerge branch 'master' into xooki2asciidoc xooki2asciidoc
2015-09-06  Nicolas LalevéeIVY-1521: Update bouncycastle to 1.52
2014-12-27  Nicolas Lalevéeuse XMLUnit to abstract the order of the XML elements
2014-01-14  Jean-Louis BoudartAdd missing jsch.proxy jars in .classpath.default
2010-09-15  Nicolas LaleveeAdd the bouncycastle jars to the default Eclipse classpath
2010-06-24  Maarten CoeneAdded missing licenses
2009-09-05  Scokart GillesWe have now a test using test-utils
2008-03-07  Scokart Gillescommons-cli is not a depednency anymore
2007-11-04  Scokart Gillesalign with recent ivy.xml
2007-10-17  Scokart Gillesupdate to new dependencies
2007-05-21  Xavier HaninIMPROVEMENT: Remove use of deprecated elements in ivyse...