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2019-05-26  jkfupdated reference to license from http to https using...
2017-06-15  Jaikiran PaiMerge latest master changes
2017-06-05  twogeeAdjust Eclipse settings for Java 7
2014-03-14  Maarten CoeneAdded missing license information
2014-01-14  Jean-Louis BoudartAdd saved actions on eclipse configuration (code format...
2013-12-26  Nicolas LaleveeEclipse conf : Java 1.5
2010-06-24  Maarten CoeneAdded missing licenses
2007-06-05  Xavier Haninadd eclipse formatting settings
2007-03-19  Xavier HaninIVY-438 work in progress: ivyconf=>ivysettings refactor...
2006-09-03  Xavier Haninuse ivyconf in project instead of default one