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2018-04-11  Nicolas LalevéeThe NOTICE file is supposed to be a simple text file
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisLet’s go asciidoc…
2018-01-10  Gintas GrigelionisHappy New Year
2017-05-25  Nicolas LalevéeMerge branch 'master' into xooki2asciidoc xooki2asciidoc
2017-05-16  Nicolas Lalevée2016 -> 2017
2016-11-08  Maarten CoeneWe are 2016 now ...
2015-01-11  Nicolas LalevéeHappy new year
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2012-03-26  Maarten CoeneThe year is 2012 now...
2011-01-03  Maarten CoeneIVY-1249: Branding: Apache Ivy (TM)
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2010-03-22  Maarten CoeneUpdated copyright year
2009-03-23  Nicolas Laleveeremove redundant boilerplate code from NOTICE files
2007-07-09  Xavier HaninIMPROVEMENT: Dependent jars missing in ivy binaries...
2007-06-05  Xavier Haninfix eol: add svn property + run fixcrlf to use native...
2007-03-29  Xavier Haninadd NOTICE