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2021-01-15  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade to 0.8.6 of jacoco
2019-11-02  Jaikiran PaiUse newer version of jacoco
2019-11-02  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade to latest versions of bouncycastle and httpclient
2019-11-02  Jaikiran Painext version is 2.6.0
2019-10-24  Jaikiran Painext dev version 2.5.x
2019-10-20  Jaikiran Paiprep 2.5.0 release
2019-09-08  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade to 0.1.55 of jsch
2019-09-08  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade to 4.5.9 of http client
2019-09-08  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade to 1.62 of bouncycastle
2019-09-08  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade to 1.9.14 of Ant
2019-05-26  jkfupdated reference to license from http to https using...
2018-04-19  Nicolas LalevéePrepare the version for the next release
2018-04-15  Nicolas LalevéeDocument how to properly declare the qualifier of the...
2018-04-11  Nicolas Lalevéebuilding 2.5.0-rc1
2018-04-08  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate HttpClient to 4.5.5
2018-03-31  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade to 1.9.11 of Ant
2018-03-29  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate BouncyCastle to 1.59
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate Commons VFS to 2.2
2018-02-08  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade to 1.9.10 of Ant
2017-09-25  Jan Matèrneexternalize versions (ivy.xml-->
2014-04-14  Maarten Coeneupdate trunk version
2012-04-02  Maarten Coenebump version in trunk
2011-06-06  Matthew Jason Bensonupdate development version info
2010-09-17  Nicolas LaleveeThe final version should OSGi-upper than the rc
2009-04-10  Maarten CoeneUpdated version in trunk
2009-02-02  Nicolas LaleveeMake the bundle version following the OSGi spec
2008-09-26  Xavier Hanintarget trunk version is probably 2.1.<something>
2008-09-02  Xavier Haninupdate target bundle version according to what we agree...
2008-04-03  Xavier Haninchange target version
2007-12-08  Xavier Haninmove to next target version on trunk
2007-10-17  Xavier Haninremove incubating suffix for next version
2007-07-20  Xavier Haninprepare next version
2007-06-12  Scokart Gillesfix version number on the trunk
2007-06-05  Xavier Haninfix eol: add svn property + run fixcrlf to use native...
2007-04-10  Xavier HaninIMPROVE: OSGIfy ivy artifacts (IVY-464) (thanks to...
2007-03-29  Xavier Hanintarget version is 2.0
2007-03-23  Xavier Haninadd license header to properties files
2007-03-08  Xavier Haninimprove snapshot and release process