2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigmoved to gitbox master
2018-12-06  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1594 Make sure we unlink an existing link, when...
2018-10-23  Jaikiran PaiUpdate FileSystemResolverTest#testListing to expect...
2018-10-23  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1594 Use a separate moduleid for the testcase to...
2018-10-23  Jaikiran PaiAdd IVY-1594 to release notes
2018-10-23  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1594 Make sure FileUtil#symlink handles symlinking...
2018-09-16  Maarten CoeneNEW: The buildlist task can now have `root` and `leaf...
2018-09-10  Jaikiran PaiRevert commit 7131e1c028e0035de548c6b37e1e8c9624417440.
2018-09-10  Jaikiran PaiRevert commit ecc271c49247604b5a6396a46ef83fc6b94be594.
2018-08-29  Gintas GrigelionisFix merge
2018-08-29  Gintas GrigelionisReduce the amount of downloads and add a clarification
2018-08-29  Gintas GrigelionisAdd japicmp checks 61/head
2018-08-29  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate tools
2018-08-29  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate the release notes
2018-08-24  Maarten CoeneFixed ModuleDescriptorMemoryCacheTest
2018-08-24  Maarten CoeneFIX: ModuleDescriptorMemoryCache didn't detect outdated...
2018-08-19  Jaikiran PaiIn continuation of commit 7131e1c028e0035de548c6b37e1e8...
2018-08-19  Jaikiran PaiTreat the ArtifactOrigin's location as a URL (as alread...
2018-08-15  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1589 Prevent UnsupportedOperationException on list...
2018-08-14  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-1486 Respect exclude regardless of resolution order 63/head
2018-08-14  Maarten CoeneAdded short comment in the release notes for the thread...
2018-08-13  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1588 Don't throw a CircularDependencyException...
2018-08-10  Gintas GrigelionisRevise the documentation
2018-08-07  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate the release notes
2018-08-07  aprelevFix IVY-982 by subtracting negated entries from wildcar...
2018-08-04  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate the release notes 73/head
2018-08-04  aprelevFix IVY-1104 by including extra attribute in XML report
2018-08-03  Gintas GrigelionisRedundant string length calculation
2018-08-03  Gintas GrigelionisUseless casts
2018-08-03  Gintas GrigelionisUse try with resources
2018-08-03  Gintas GrigelionisUse StandardCharsets
2018-08-03  Gintas GrigelionisUnused imports
2018-07-25  Jaikiran PaiSet the https.protocol system property even for regular...
2018-07-25  Jaikiran PaiFix build failures of tutorials when running against...
2018-06-21  Gintas GrigelionisCorrect credits
2018-06-16  Gintas GrigelionisPrefer HTTPS
2018-06-09  Gintas GrigelionisUse try with resources
2018-06-09  Gintas GrigelionisURL-based resolvers should accept query parameters...
2018-06-09  Gintas GrigelionisFurther sync of Checkstyle setup
2018-06-08  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate RAT
2018-06-08  Gintas GrigelionisSync Checkstyle setup with IvyDE
2018-06-07  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate JaCoCo
2018-06-07  Maarten CoeneFIX: Removed fetchedSet field from ResolveEngine becaus...
2018-04-23  Maarten CoeneFIX: ModuleDescriptorMemoryCache isn't thread safe...
2018-04-22  Nicolas LalevéeSuggest a mail template to announce a release
2018-04-22  Nicolas LalevéeUpdate the release instruction for asciidoc documentation
2018-04-19  Nicolas LalevéePrepare the version for the next release
2018-04-15  Nicolas LalevéeDocument how to properly declare the qualifier of the...
2018-04-15  Nicolas Lalevéewhen packaging the sources, do not default-exclude...
2018-04-12  Nicolas LalevéeUpdate release instructions: we use git now
2018-04-12  Gintas GrigelionisUse the latest asciidoctorj
2018-04-11  Nicolas LalevéeFor the unit tests, do not depend on the version of...
2018-04-11  Nicolas LalevéeReduce the chance to have a conflict of port binding...
2018-04-11  Nicolas Lalevéefix asciidoctor task classpath
2018-04-11  Nicolas Lalevéebuilding 2.5.0-rc1
2018-04-11  Nicolas LalevéeAsciidoc needs to be run unnested from their jar.
2018-04-11  Nicolas LalevéeAdd missing License
2018-04-11  Nicolas Lalevéeexclude md5 files from License check
2018-04-11  Nicolas Lalevéeadd ASL headers, so also chnage the associated checksums
2018-04-11  Nicolas Lalevéefix style in the release doc
2018-04-11  Nicolas Lalevéeadd missing License headers
2018-04-11  Nicolas Lalevéeremove the reference to the old documentation folder
2018-04-11  Nicolas LalevéeLet's make the release instruction a simple text file
2018-04-11  Nicolas LalevéeAdd missing License
2018-04-11  Nicolas Lalevéeoutput the path to the rat report in case of error
2018-04-11  Nicolas LalevéeThe NOTICE file is supposed to be a simple text file
2018-04-08  Gintas GrigelionisCheckstyle
2018-04-08  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate HttpClient to 4.5.5
2018-04-08  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate release notes
2018-04-07  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate documentation
2018-04-06  Gintas GrigelionisFix the credits
2018-04-04  Thomas PaschAdded makepom option to main/standalone
2018-03-31  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade to 1.9.11 of Ant
2018-03-29  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate BouncyCastle to 1.59
2018-03-29  Gintas GrigelionisTidy up the code
2018-03-28  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify assertions
2018-03-28  Gintas GrigelionisExtraneous exceptions
2018-03-28  Gintas Grigelionisextraneous check: parseBoolean takes null
2018-03-28  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify append substring
2018-03-28  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify try with resources
2018-03-21  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-1321 Make public 70/head
2018-03-19  Gintas GrigelionisUse Java 5+ features
2018-03-17  Gintas GrigelionisBad merge…
2018-03-17  Gintas GrigelionisSuppress “deprecation” and “unused” warnings
2018-03-16  Gintas GrigelionisMore updates to the release notes
2018-03-15  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate the release notes
2018-03-15  Gintas GrigelionisMake logic more concise 67/head
2018-03-15  Gintas GrigelionisTidy up the code
2018-03-15  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-1483 use correct parent classloader when launching...
2018-03-15  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-1569 refactor the tests
2018-03-15  Gintas GrigelionisUse HTML entities
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisSpell check…
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate Commons VFS to 2.2
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisPrefer HTTPS…
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisComplete the conversion
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisLet’s go asciidoc…
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisUse HTML entities
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisUse ASCII (TM)
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisRevise coding style
2018-03-14  Gintas GrigelionisRevise grammar and/or Java versions