2018-03-07  Jaikiran PaiPoint to the asciidoc for release instructions
2018-03-07  Jaikiran PaiWe now use asciidoc for documentation
2018-03-06  Gintas GrigelionisNo more MD5
2018-03-06  Jan MatèrneAdd "link" to release notes so we could find it better.
2018-03-04  Gintas GrigelionisDitto for some tests
2018-03-03  Gintas GrigelionisMore tabs and trailing spaces…
2018-03-03  Gintas GrigelionisCheckstyle: trim trailing whitespace, replace tabs
2018-03-02  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1576 make the test a bit more robust to make sure...
2018-03-02  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1576 Update release notes
2018-03-02  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1576 Fix parsing of (maven) dependency with multipl...
2018-02-28  Jaikiran PaiMinor updates to the release instructions to reflect...
2018-02-28  Jaikiran PaiThis isn't needed, since the release process is already...
2018-02-27  Jaikiran Paiinitial WIP version of release instructions to follow...
2018-02-26  Jaikiran PaiSupport parsing multiple ranges for Maven versions
2018-02-26  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1577 - Add support for Maven profile activations...
2018-02-23  Maarten CoeneAdded getter for the ResolveOptions.
2018-02-23  Maarten CoeneFIX: The method hasIvyListener in org.apache.ivy.core...
2018-02-09  Brett RandallIVY-1545: Added tracking for a cycle in parent-POM...
2018-02-08  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade to 1.9.10 of Ant
2018-02-08  Jaikiran PaiIVY-735 Missed out changes in previous commit
2018-02-08  Jaikiran PaiIVY-735 Don't force existing implementations of URLHand...
2018-02-07  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1575 Fix javadoc on URLHandlerDispatcher
2018-02-05  Gintas GrigelionisUse java.specification.version rather than java.version
2018-02-03  Gintas GrigelionisBump up version of Checkstyle (use the latest of 7...
2018-02-03  Gintas GrigelionisAvoid “empty XML tag” warnings
2018-02-03  Gintas GrigelionisSort contributors by surname, remove duplicate
2018-02-02  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate release notes
2018-02-02  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-1569 Avoid reflection warnings (or worse) in Java 9+
2018-02-02  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-1282 Add missing trim()
2018-01-30  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-1573 do not skip versions with URL encoded characters
2018-01-16  Jaikiran PaiConsider .pom files as binary, so that line endings...
2018-01-12  Gintas Grigelionisrefactor tagsdoc generator
2018-01-11  Gintas Grigelionisdocument the new option
2018-01-11  Gintas Grigelionisresolve current ivy.xml from CLI
2018-01-10  Gintas GrigelionisHappy New Year
2018-01-08  Gintas Grigelionistidy up code more
2017-12-08  Gintas Grigelionistidy up the code
2017-12-07  Gintas Grigelionisanother fail() that should be an expected exception;
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelionisrediscovered a couple of tests :-)
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelionistidy up the code
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelionisuse switch rather than a chain of if’s
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelionistersify logic ;->
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelionissimplify set construction
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelionisrefactor tests with hardcoded Maven Central URL
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelionisshowcase of parameterised tests with introspection :-)
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelionisdo not fail, assert
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelionisuse expected exception and try-finally for post-mortem
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelioniskeep test parts as private as possible
2017-12-05  Gintas Grigelionischop extraneous throws, fix imports and javadoc
2017-12-05  Gintas GrigelionisDo not use try-catch-fail to re-throw exceptions in...
2017-11-14  Gintas GrigelionisRevert previous change, see
2017-11-13  Gintas GrigelionisNew URL for Maven Central
2017-11-13  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-511 coding conventions
2017-11-13  Gintas GrigelionisCheckstyle, continued
2017-11-12  Gintas GrigelionisCheckstyle
2017-11-11  Gintas GrigelionisMore uses of isNullOrEmpty/isEmpty
2017-11-10  Gintas GrigelionisEntry -> Map.Entry
2017-11-10  Gintas GrigelionisStringBuffer -> StringBuilder
2017-11-10  Gintas GrigelionisCheck spelling
2017-11-10  Gintas GrigelionisRefactor append()
2017-11-10  Gintas GrigelionisFindBugs: deprecate static DateFormat
2017-11-10  Gintas GrigelionisFindBugs: use native line breaks
2017-11-10  Gintas GrigelionisFindBugs: make currentLockHolders final
2017-11-10  Gintas GrigelionisFindBugs: iterate entry sets
2017-11-10  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-309 refactor all those split-trim-join and unwrap...
2017-11-02  Gintas GrigelionisRevert previous change
2017-11-01  Gintas GrigelionisNo need to synchronise a concurrent map
2017-11-01  Gintas GrigelionisCheck spelling
2017-10-31  Gintas GrigelionisCheckstyle: modifiers in interfaces
2017-10-30  Gintas GrigelionisMore stringent cleanup of non-ASCII
2017-10-30  Gintas GrigelionisImprovements to/adjustments for tagsdoc
2017-10-30  Gintas GrigelionisAdd dependency
2017-10-30  Gintas GrigelionisSalvaged tagsdoc target from ivy-site
2017-10-25  Gintas GrigelionisMore adjustments to Eclipse classpath (whitespace,...
2017-10-23  Gintas GrigelionisAdjust Eclipse classpath
2017-10-22  Gintas GrigelionisCorrect imports, add automatic module name for JPMS
2017-10-21  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-1420 document current implementation
2017-10-08  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-1420, take two: defaultconf is a mapping, too;
2017-10-05  Gintas GrigelionisChanged contents of broke a test;
2017-09-27  Gintas GrigelionisIVY-1420 attributes on configurations/dependencies...
2017-09-27  Jaikiran PaiUpdate the release notes to mention that Ivy now uses...
2017-09-25  Jan Matèrneexternalize versions (ivy.xml-->
2017-09-25  Jan Matèrneupdate BouncyCastle
2017-09-17  Gintas GrigelionisDocumentation revision: refreshing/fixing links
2017-09-16  Gintas GrigelionisUpgrade to Apache Commons VFS version 2
2017-09-14  Gintas GrigelionisDocumentation review: uniform style of “since”
2017-09-14  Jaikiran PaiMake HttpClientHandler public again to prevent backward...
2017-09-11  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1476 Better support for Maven timestamped snapshot...
2017-09-08  Gintas GrigelionisDocumentation review, second reading
2017-09-06  Gintas GrigelionisDocumentation review (partly inspired by IVY-1089)
2017-09-03  Gintas Grigelionisremove extraneous imports
2017-08-31  twogeefollow up on deprecations
2017-08-31  twogeerefactoring and suppressed warnings fixes
2017-08-31  Jaikiran PaiIVY-1546 Maven 1 repo is no longer available. Remove...
2017-08-28  Aurélien PupierIVY-1566 - Store External form of URL in cached files
2017-08-25  Gintas Grigelionisrefactor and fix test
2017-08-24  Gintas Grigelionisuse collections instead of arrays; optimise their use
2017-08-24  Gintas Grigelionisuse static import rather than import of nested class
2017-08-23  Gintas Grigelionisrefactor iterators
2017-08-21  Gintas Grigelionismore asList() refactoring and code cleanup