5 days ago  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x' master
5 days ago  Stefan Bodewigrespect failOnError when running ls checkout - Bugzilla... 1.9.x
5 days ago  Stefan Bodewigthe task does not extend ExecTask (anymore?)
2018-12-27  Jaikiran PaiMerge 1.9.x branch into master
2018-12-27  Jaikiran PaiUpdate the install.html and ant-jsch pom.xml to use...
2018-12-27  Jaikiran PaiUpdate the install.html and ant-jsch pom.xml to use...
2018-12-27  Jaikiran PaiUpgrade Jsch library to 0.1.55
2018-12-27  twogeeUpdate JSCh (see
2018-12-20  Stefan BodewigMerge pull request #82 from twogee/invalid-html
2018-12-20  twogeeUse valid markup 82/head
2018-12-17  Stefan Bodewigmoved to gitbox
2018-12-16  Stefan Bodewigmissing javadoc param - thanks Gintas Grigelionis ...
2018-12-16  Stefan Bodewigexclude modules package from mvn when not using Java9
2018-12-15  Stefan Bodewigpoint to Craig's PR
2018-12-15  Stefan Bodewigwhitespace - closes #80
2018-12-15  VGRBased on feedback, added self to contributors, added...
2018-12-15  VGRAdded tasks for JDK's jmod and jlink tools.
2018-12-14  Jaikiran PaiUpdate the manual of junitlauncher task as well as...
2018-12-12  mharmerFixing a potential ConcurrentModificationException...
2018-12-07  Jaikiran Pai[junitlauncher] - Switch back to issuing a separate...
2018-12-05  Jaikiran Paibz-62952 Fix the jar-test.xml#testMultiReleaseJar antun...
2018-12-05  Jaikiran Paibz-62952 Make AntClassLoader multi-release jar aware...
2018-11-20  Gintas GrigelionisA typo
2018-11-20  Gintas GrigelionisFix javadoc 79/head
2018-11-19  Gintas GrigelionisMake DataType and Reference generic
2018-11-19  Gintas GrigelionisRemove unused imports
2018-11-19  Gintas GrigelionisRefactor getZipEntryStream
2018-11-18  Gintas GrigelionisAvoid leaks in AntAnalyzer
2018-11-18  Gintas GrigelionisRevert: any RuntimeException must be wrapped
2018-11-17  Gintas GrigelionisFix javadoc
2018-11-17  Gintas GrigelionisFix backwards compatibility
2018-11-17  Gintas GrigelionisUse try-with-resources
2018-11-17  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate javadoc
2018-11-17  Gintas GrigelionisMake CharSet backwards compatible
2018-11-14  Gintas GrigelionisA new CharSet type to hold available Charset names 78/head
2018-11-14  Gintas GrigelionisImplement ArcType as suggested
2018-11-14  Gintas GrigelionisChange an attribute name and explain why
2018-11-14  Stefan Bodewigcloses #77
2018-11-14  reudismam@gmail.comAvoid FileInputStream and FileOutputStream.
2018-11-13  Gintas GrigelionisAdd “since” tag to documentation
2018-11-13  Jaikiran PaiInclude fix for bz-62890 in WHATSNEW
2018-11-13  Jaikiran Paibz-62890 don't cache the case sensitivity of the filesy...
2018-11-12  Gintas GrigelionisGet most of junit task tests running under Surefire
2018-11-11  Gintas GrigelionisComplete antrun plugin update fix unit task dependencies
2018-11-11  Gintas GrigelionisGet the tests dependent on ANT_HOME running
2018-11-11  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify tests, use Rule and/or try with resources
2018-11-11  Gintas GrigelionisSimplify tests, use Charset
2018-11-09  Gintas GrigelionisTidy up code, use out-of-the-box test rules
2018-11-08  Jaikiran Paibz-62890 fix the newly added test in SyncTest. Also...
2018-11-08  Jaikiran Paibz-62890 Make sure the sync task considers the case...
2018-11-07  Jaikiran PaiUpdate the junitlauncher task to explain the ability...
2018-11-06  Gintas GrigelionisRemove a nonexistent type
2018-11-06  Jaikiran PaiMerge 1.9.x branch into master
2018-11-04  Gintas GrigelionisRevert last 5 commits
2018-11-04  Gintas GrigelionisSonarQube: nested if’s is a major code smell
2018-11-04  Gintas GrigelionisSonarQube: missing annotations on overridden methods
2018-11-04  Gintas GrigelionisRevert a regression, improve tests
2018-11-04  Gintas GrigelionisSonarQube: unnecessary parentheses is a major code...
2018-11-04  Gintas GrigelionisCheckstyle: dangling operators
2018-11-04  Jaikiran PaiRevert "bz-62849 Check for filesystem loops due to...
2018-11-03  Jaikiran PaiMerge 1.9.x branch into master
2018-11-03  Jaikiran PaiRecord the fix for bz-62849, contributed by Michael...
2018-11-03  Michael Barkerbz-62849 Check for filesystem loops due to symbolic...
2018-11-02  Jaikiran PaiRemove unused field in one of junitlauncher task suppor...
2018-11-01  Gintas GrigelionisDependency update/sync with POM build
2018-10-29  Jaikiran PaiDon't let ForkDefinition, in confined package, have...
2018-10-29  Jaikiran Pai[junitlauncher] Add a check in the build to ensure...
2018-10-29  Jaikiran Pai[junitlauncher] Allow JUnit libraries to be part of...
2018-10-29  Stefan Bodewigthere are no tests in MagicTestNames, thanks Gintas
2018-10-28  Stefan Bodewigensure MagicTestNames is part of testutil jar
2018-10-28  Stefan Bodewigmove test constants into a class defined in the test...
2018-10-28  Gintas GrigelionisAn attempt to run JUnit task tests in Surefire
2018-10-27  Gintas GrigelionisFix more tests, remove redundancies from test class...
2018-10-27  Gintas GrigelionisFixed a broken test
2018-10-27  Gintas GrigelionisMake contents of jar files similar to those built by Ant
2018-10-26  Gintas GrigelionisRemove unused root property, add assertions for build...
2018-10-25  Gintas GrigelionisActivate more tests in Surefire
2018-10-25  Gintas GrigelionisMore hardcoded assumptions about file tree structure
2018-10-25  Gintas GrigelionisMissed special properties…
2018-10-25  Gintas GrigelionisFix “javac missing on Java 8” issue with Surefire
2018-10-25  Gintas GrigelionisMake Jenkins builds work again
2018-10-25  Gintas GrigelionisAdjust packaging, get more tests running in Surefire
2018-10-24  Gintas GrigelionisMore MagicNames
2018-10-24  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate WHATSNEW
2018-10-23  Gintas GrigelionisTry to run a majority of available tests in Surefire...
2018-10-23  Gintas GrigelionisTry to run more tests with Surefire; document snags...
2018-10-23  Gintas GrigelionisAdd magic names for tests, run more tests in Surefire
2018-10-20  Gintas GrigelionisUse canonical download URL for SonarQube tasks
2018-10-20  Gintas GrigelionisDisable Surefire for ant-jai, too
2018-10-20  Gintas GrigelionisTry to run some tests with Surefire
2018-10-20  Gintas GrigelionisUpdate dependencies, fix packaging
2018-10-20  Gintas GrigelionisAdd imageio to Maven reactor
2018-10-17  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
2018-10-17  Stefan Bodewiguse generics properly
2018-10-05  Jaikiran PaiMerge 1.9.x branch into master
2018-10-04  Jaikiran Paibz-62764 Add a debug log message when we skip invalid...
2018-09-29  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'
2018-09-29  Stefan Bodewigfix javadocs
2018-09-28  Stefan Bodewigbad rowspan
2018-09-28  Stefan BodewigMerge branch '1.9.x'