2018-07-10  Stefan Bodewigprepare Ant 1.9.13 RC1 ANT_1.9.13_RC1 rel/1.9.13
2018-07-09  Stefan Bodewigfix link
2018-07-07  Jaikiran PaiRevert "Trailing whitespace (cherry-pick 2f64e0b)"
2018-07-04  Gintas GrigelionisTrailing whitespace (cherry-pick 2f64e0b)
2018-07-04  Stefan Bodewigactually javax.activation is still there in Java 10
2018-07-03  Stefan Bodewigupdate links and "included in Java" info for JAF
2018-07-03  Stefan Bodewiguse getParent in isLeadingPath rather than string compa...
2018-07-02  Stefan Bodewigsome additional tests for isLeadingPath testing for...
2018-07-01  Stefan Bodewigrecord fix of
2018-07-01  Stefan Bodewigtake symlinks into account when expanding archives...
2018-07-01  Stefan Bodewigadd additional isLeadingPath method that resolves symlinks
2018-07-01  Stefan Bodewigenable forgotten test
2018-07-01  Stefan Bodewigensure isLeadingPath cannot be subverted by too many...
2018-07-01  Stefan Bodewigdocument what FileUtils#normalize does in a certain...
2018-06-28  Stefan Bodewigclarify handling of symbolic links
2018-06-28  Jaikiran PaiChecking to see if our Jenkins setup has issues with...
2018-06-28  Jaikiran PaiUpdate WHATSNEW for bz-62499
2018-06-28  Jaikiran Paibz-62499 Revert the change which caused regression...
2018-06-26  Gintas GrigelionisNo need to force Latin-1
2018-06-26  Stefan Bodewigwrong accent in Jan's name
2018-06-25  Stefan Bodewigmake acutes survice svn's idea of encoding
2018-06-25  Stefan Bodewiguse AntUnit 1.4
2018-06-22  Stefan BodewigMerge tag 'rel/1.9.12' into 1.9.x and prepare for next...
2018-06-19  Stefan Bodewigtypo
2018-06-19  Stefan Bodewigprepare Ant 1.9.12 RC1 ANT_1_9_12_RC1 rel/1.9.12
2018-06-17  Jaikiran PaiAdd my signing keys
2018-06-16  Stefan Bodewighandle error that occur in testsuites directly in junit...
2018-06-12  Gintas GrigelionisBz 62324: in debug mode, separate message and exception...
2018-06-08  Gintas GrigelionisFix javadoc (cherry-pick master)
2018-06-04  Stefan Bodewigthrow exception with useful message if input handler...
2018-05-26  Gintas GrigelionisFix javadoc and imports
2018-05-26  Gintas GrigelionisUse String#contains() (cherry-pick 92f18cf)
2018-05-26  Gintas GrigelionisRevert use of Java 6
2018-05-26  Gintas GrigelionisMore foreach loops (cherry-pick 061d29b)
2018-05-26  Gintas GrigelionisMore merge problems
2018-05-26  Gintas GrigelionisBad merge: missed a diamond
2018-05-26  Gintas GrigelionisUse foreach loops (cherry-pick 1c80d50)
2018-05-21  Gintas GrigelionisFix javadoc (cf master)
2018-05-21  Gintas GrigelionisShorten fully-qualified names (cherry-pick 5c6e9ac)
2018-05-20  Stefan Bodewigadd encoding attribute to in/excludesfile
2018-05-20  Stefan Bodewigadd basedir attribute to <resourcelist>
2018-05-11  Gintas GrigelionisShorten fully-qualified names (cherry-pick b4243b9)
2018-05-11  Gintas GrigelionisCheckstyle: indentation/whitespace (cf master)
2018-05-05  Stefan Bodewigchange stripAbsolutePathSpec's default, credit Snyk
2018-05-05  Gintas GrigelionisFix copy-paste error
2018-05-02  Gintas GrigelionisRemove a duplicate line
2018-05-02  Gintas GrigelionisFix a copy-paste error (cherry-picked from master)
2018-05-02  Gintas GrigelionisRe-activate a “forgotten” test
2018-04-30  Stefan Bodewigfix incorrect description of default value
2018-04-27  Stefan Bodewigadd rudimentary testcase for <cab> task
2018-04-26  Gintas GrigelionisMerge changes in master
2018-04-26  Stefan Bodewigadd properties created from Runtime's methods
2018-04-21  Stefan Bodewigand forgot two words, oh my
2018-04-21  Stefan Bodewigforgot to update the manual
2018-04-21  Stefan Bodewigunzip and friends could monitor where they write more...
2018-04-17  Stefan Bodewigadd null guards when starting pumper threads
2018-04-17  Stefan Bodewigproperly verify preconditions in PumpStreamHandler
2018-04-14  Stefan Bodewigit's enough to have one antunit dir inside of ./build
2018-04-14  Nicolas Lalevéefix incorrect warning in the junit task when includeAnt...
2018-04-05  Maarten Coenetypo fix
2018-04-05  Maarten CoeneRemoved unused import.
2018-04-05  Maarten CoeneMerge from master
2018-03-27  Stefan BodewigMerge tag 'rel/1.9.11' into 1.9.x
2018-03-24  Stefan Bodewigtypos in release instructions
2018-03-24  Jaikiran PaiFix binary distribution directory layout in documentation
2018-03-23  Stefan Bodewigprepare RC1 of Ant 1.9.11 ANT_1_9_11_RC1 rel/1.9.11
2018-03-21  Gintas GrigelionisEasier to read buildfile (cf master)
2018-03-20  Stefan Bodewiglooks as if -storepass might be required on Java7 even...
2018-03-20  Stefan Bodewigsigning with a PKCS12 keystore seems to fail on Java6...
2018-03-20  Stefan Bodewigand Java5 doesn't seem to support PKCS12 when signing
2018-03-20  Stefan BodewigJDK9 jarsigner rejects self-signed certs when signing
2018-03-20  Stefan Bodewigstarting with Java9 jarsigner rejects self-signed certs...
2018-03-20  Stefan Bodewigjarsigner -strict has been introduced with Java7
2018-03-20  Stefan BodewigI'm afraid git ate my keystore
2018-03-20  Stefan Bodewigverifyjar must use -storepass or jarsigner will not...
2018-03-20  Stefan Bodewigadd the alias in verifyjar if specified
2018-03-20  Stefan Bodewigadd a PKCS12 test keystore
2018-03-06  Jan Matèrneadd a "link" to existing release notes so we could...
2018-03-05  Stefan Bodewignew release policy says "no md5 checksums anymore"
2018-03-05  Stefan BodewigJava11 removes support for rmic -idl/-iiop
2018-03-05  Stefan Bodewigjava 11's javac whines if @Deprecated Annotation is...
2018-03-01  Jaikiran PaiBZ-62147 Add a test case to make sure 1.9.x isn't affec...
2018-02-19  Stefan Bodewigtypo spotted by Al Le.
2018-02-18  Stefan Bodewigadd test for copy example of Bugzilla 62076
2018-02-17  Stefan Bodewigport granularity fixes from master branch
2018-02-16  Stefan Bodewigport image type bug fixes from Java8 refactoring in...
2018-02-10  Jaikiran PaiChange the copy-test#testResourceWithoutName to no...
2018-02-09  Stefan Bodewigproperly check return value of mapFileName
2018-02-09  Stefan Bodewigensure FileNameMapper implementations deal with null...
2018-02-09  Stefan Bodewigadd some documentation hints
2018-02-09  Stefan Bodewigverify Bug 62086 doesn't affect the 1.9.x branch
2018-02-09  Jaikiran Paibz-62076 bz-39960 Expect the mapper to follow the FileN...
2018-02-09  Jaikiran PaiFix previous commit - Java 5 doesn't allow @Override...
2018-02-09  Jaikiran Paibz-62076 Make IdentityMapper follow the "mapFileName...
2018-02-07  Jaikiran PaiFix broken link in junitreport manual
2018-02-06  Stefan BodewigMerge tag 'rel/1.9.10' into 1.9.x and prepare next...
2018-02-03  Gintas GrigelionisMake JetBrains CI work
2018-02-03  Gintas GrigelionisCorrect use of remoteRepository
2018-02-03  Stefan Bodewigpreparing RC1 of Ant 1.9.10 ANT_1_9_10_RC1 rel/1.9.10
2018-02-03  Stefan Bodewiglooks like a bad merge, seems Jenkins doesn't build...