2012-07-26  Lewis John... trivial update to doap.rdf svn/trunk@1383419
2012-07-06  Simone Tripodiapache-any23-core:src does not exist
2012-07-06  Simone Tripodifix handle empty/not set classifiers
2012-07-06  Simone Tripodibetter handling of classifiers
2012-07-05  Simone Tripodifixed plugins resolutions
2012-07-05  Simone Tripodiinitial checkin of a smarter script to grab binaries...
2012-07-05  Simone Tripodisettings.xml "how to" updated
2012-06-25  Lewis John... commit to add lewismc to KEYS
2012-05-31  Lewis John... commit to add Any23 DOAP file to committers module.
2012-03-04  Simone Tripodifirst checkin of settings.xml template that will help...
2012-03-04  Simone Tripodifirst checkin of recommended subversion configuration...
2012-01-16  Simone Tripodifirst checkin of the KEYS files
2012-01-16  Simone Tripodicreated a dir when sharing committers resources