2012-09-11  Tony StevensonMoving Any23 SVN data as per INFRA-5248 tags/any23-0.1-snapshot any23-0.1-snapshot
2010-02-01  michele.mostardaGenerated trunk snapshot. tags/any23-0.1-snapshot@1383419
2009-10-06  richard@cyganiak.debetter detection of script directory, now deals with... tags/any23-0.1-snapshot@1223233
2009-09-24 Bugfix: -t swallowed the dcterms: namespace declaration
2009-09-24  richard@cyganiak.deBugfix: stats included triples that were filtered by -t
2009-09-14 fixed rdfa detection bug
2009-09-08  richard@cyganiak.deAdd a constructor for overriding the OpenRDF context...
2009-09-08  juergen@umbrich.netcleaned up old test cases and fixed mime type detection...
2009-09-07  richard@cyganiak.deCleanup/consolidation of CLI ... the rover command...
2009-09-07  richard@cyganiak.deFixed more Eclipse warnings
2009-09-07  richard@cyganiak.deFixed some Eclipse warnings
2009-09-07  richard@cyganiak.deDocumented known issue with charset detection in NekoHT...
2009-09-07  richard@cyganiak.deFixed RDFa test cases
2009-09-07  richard@cyganiak.deFixed XFN test cases
2009-09-07  richard@cyganiak.defix license extractor test cases
2009-09-05  richard@cyganiak.deBugfix: Servlet would not work when form submission...
2009-08-28  richard@cyganiak.deModified shell scripts to make them invokable from...
2009-08-26  richard@cyganiak.deBugfix in XFN extraction
2009-08-26  richard@cyganiak.deBetter error reporting
2009-08-24  richard@cyganiak.deRemoved welcome-file declaration, not needed
2009-08-24  richard@cyganiak.deHTML tweaks
2009-08-24  richard@cyganiak.deBetter error reporting: Can't establish SSL connection...
2009-08-21  richard@cyganiak.deSlight documentation improvement
2009-08-21  richard@cyganiak.deAdded option to use content negotiation for choice...
2009-08-20  richard@cyganiak.deFix a NPE in DefaultHTTPClient; changes for Tomcat...
2009-08-20  richard@cyganiak.deAdd form with documentation to webapp, other webapp...
2009-08-20  richard@cyganiak.deMoved archive readers into separate module
2009-08-20  richard@cyganiak.deSeparating WARC and Zip readers from core. This all...
2009-08-20  richard@cyganiak.deChanging default media type for Turtle output from...
2009-08-19 added ByteArrayDocumentSource
2009-08-19 major refactoring of .stream package, it's now .source
2009-08-19  richard@cyganiak.deBring any23 servlet up to date and add more input options
2009-08-19  richard@cyganiak.deAdapt test to changed contract
2009-08-19  richard@cyganiak.deCatch http:/ (single slash)
2009-08-19  richard@cyganiak.deFix spurious commas at end of accept header
2009-08-19  richard@cyganiak.deKeep namespaces from input in output
2009-08-19  richard@cyganiak.demake XSLT tranformation synchronized to avoid concurren...
2009-07-09  pirrohDatatype handling on RDF extractors is now ignored
2009-06-03  richard@cyganiak.deReportingTripleHandler for getting the list of used...
2009-05-29  pirrohfixed bug in DefaultHTTPClient which was giving random...
2009-05-29  pirrohfixed small glitch in the DefaultHTTPClient (causing...
2009-05-29  pirrohforcing releaseConnection() to prevent resource hogging...
2009-05-28  richard@cyganiak.deAdded DCTERMS.source, happened to need it in Sigma
2009-05-26  richard@cyganiak.deImproved exception handling, especially trying to reduc...
2009-05-13  juergen@umbrich.netfixed bug in tika mime type detection
2009-05-13  richard@cyganiak.defixed old package names
2009-05-12  juergen@umbrich.netupdate and bug fix of tika mime type detection
2009-05-12  juergen@umbrich.netadded a list of URIs which have some escaping errors
2009-05-12  juergen@umbrich.netstorage for test files
2009-05-12  richard@cyganiak.demake robust against multiple close() invocations
2009-05-06 bugfix: would use wrong base URI after redirects
2009-05-06  richard@cyganiak.deRetain original extractor-specified order of MIME types...
2009-05-06  richard@cyganiak.demake Juergen's stuff compile :-(
2009-05-05  juergen@umbrich.netadded quadwriter
2009-05-01  juergen@umbrich.netupdated log analyser
2009-05-01  juergen@umbrich.netupdated log analyser
2009-05-01  juergen@umbrich.netupdated log analyser
2009-05-01  juergen@umbrich.netupdated log analyser
2009-05-01  juergen@umbrich.netupdated log analyser
2009-04-30  juergen@umbrich.netadded LoggingHandler
2009-04-30  juergen@umbrich.netenabled benchmark logging and statistics
2009-04-30  pirrohsimple fix for bnode generation function - it was outpu...
2009-04-29  richard@cyganiak.deAdded src/main/resource to classpath to make running...
2009-04-29  richard@cyganiak.deTemporary fix for "UNKNOWN ROOT" problem with RDFa
2009-04-29  pirrohfactored out all non-java files to the resources directory
2009-04-29  pirrohmoving .xml files in the root path of the jar file
2009-04-29  pirrohmoved Tika config files to src/main/resources - updated...
2009-04-29  juergen@umbrich.netupdated config file load
2009-04-27  richard@cyganiak.deMade ExtractorRegistry thread-safe
2009-04-08  richard@cyganiak.deBugfix: forgot to check HTTP status code for non-200...
2009-04-08  richard@cyganiak.deBetter error handling
2009-04-08  richard@cyganiak.delots of refactoring, some bugfixes, changes to the...
2009-04-07  pirrohported the code to tika 0.3
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.demake http client more configurable
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deMake default command line behaviour quieter
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deadd any23.jar to svnignore
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deBugfix: XPathException
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deno-op change
2009-04-07  juergen@umbrich.netcomment logging inputstream
2009-04-07  juergen@umbrich.netlogging inputstream
2009-04-07  juergen@umbrich.netlogging in warcextractor
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deBugfix, regex did not match file:/User/richard/...
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deLogging
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deBugfixes
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deLogging, bugfixes
2009-04-07  juergen@umbrich.netfixed filenotfound bug with nice exception
2009-04-07  juergen@umbrich.netfixed filenotfound bug with nice exception
2009-04-07  juergen@umbrich.netfixed filenotfound bug with nice exception
2009-04-07  juergen@umbrich.netfixed filenotfound bug with nice exception
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deFix classpath
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deMore moving stuff around for Maven and better jar manag...
2009-04-07  pirrohgot rid of directories used before the Maven-hierarchy...
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deChanging directory structure to match Maven style
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deCommitting some more changes to the test cases, this...
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deTowards configurable logging
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deFix NPE in Any23ValueFactoryWrapper
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deFixed NPE in conditionallyAddStringProp
2009-04-07  richard@cyganiak.deBugfixes
2009-04-06  richard@cyganiak.demake more tests compile
2009-04-06  richard@cyganiak.degit-svn-id: