2017-09-15  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare branch 2.1.0 2.1.0
2017-09-15  Lewis John... Preparing files for Any23 2.1 RC#1
2017-09-13  Jacek GrzebytaMerge branch 'ANY23-311-2'
2017-09-13  Jacek GrzebytaFixed ANY23-311
2017-09-13  Jacek GrzebytaMerge branch 'ANY23-311' of
2017-09-09  Jacek GrzebytaFix testing issue 43/head
2017-08-29  Jacek GrzebytaMerge branch 'master' into ANY23-311
2017-08-23  Lewis John... ANY23-304 skip tests in openie module 34/head
2017-08-23  Lewis John... ANY23-304 Add extractor for OpenIE
2017-07-27  Lewis John... ANY23-304 implement temporary file reader within test...
2017-07-26  Lewis John... ANY23-304 increase number of extractors found
2017-07-26  Lewis John... ANY23-304 merge with master branch
2017-07-26  Jacek GrzebytaMerge branch 'master' into ANY23-311
2017-07-26  Lewis John... Fix failing tests regrding ordering of entries in prefi...
2017-07-26  Lewis John... Merge branch 'master' into ANY23-282
2017-07-26  Lewis John... Merge branch 'ANY23-310' of
2017-07-25  Jacek GrzebytaRef ANY23-310 44/head
2017-07-24  Lewis John... Merge branch 'ANY23-310' of
2017-07-19  Jacek GrzebytaFixed error message in Rover: No suitable extractors...
2017-07-14  William L.... Merge branch 'ANY23-309'
2017-07-14  Jacek GrzebytaAdd new line to the file end
2017-07-14  Jacek GrzebytaClean SimpleRoverTest outcome
2017-07-14  Jacek GrzebytaFixed issue ANY23-310
2017-07-14  Lewis John... ANY23-282 Replacement for all Sindice namespaces and... 37/head
2017-07-14  Lewis John... Merge branch 'master' into ANY23-282
2017-07-13  Jacek GrzebytaUpdate values in
2017-07-13  William L.... ANY23-306 (corrected URLs for "WAR package with depende...
2017-07-13  William L.... Close ANY23-309 (correct misspelled word)
2017-07-13  Jacek GrzebytaRef ANY23-310
2017-07-13  William L.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'any23wip/master'
2017-07-13  Jacek GrzebytaSimplify rdf graph structure
2017-07-13  Peter AnsellMerge branch 'ANY23-308-pr'
2017-07-13  Peter AnsellFix compile and test errors to merge in
2017-07-12  William L.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 40/head
2017-07-12  Jacek GrzebytaRef ANY23-308 42/head
2017-07-12  Jacek GrzebytaDetection MIME based on the file URI rather than on...
2017-07-11  Jacek GrzebytaMerge branch 'master' into ANY23-308 38/head
2017-07-11  Jacek GrzebytaFix ANY23-308
2017-07-11  Peter AnsellMerge branch 'ANY23-257'
2017-07-10  Lewis John... Update README links from lewismc to apache
2017-07-10  William L.... Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2017-07-10  Peter AnsellANY23-257 : Add OWL parser support to Any23 via OWLAPI... 41/head
2017-07-10  Peter AnsellUpdate Tika/POI versions
2017-07-10  Peter AnsellUpdate version of jetty used to the last release made...
2017-07-09  Peter AnsellANY23-303 : Manage jsonld-java to 0.10.0 for schema...
2017-07-09  Peter AnsellGet Any23 closer to building and testing with Java-9
2017-06-29  William L.... ANY23-306 (corrected URLs for "WAR package with depende...
2017-06-29  William L.... Close ANY23-309 (correct misspelled word)
2017-04-11  Lewis John... ANY23-282 Replacement for all Sindice namespaces and...
2017-04-11  Lewis John... ANY23-282 Replacement for all Sindice namespaces and...
2017-04-11  Lewis John... ANY23-282 Replacement for all Sindice namespaces and...
2017-03-29  Lewis John... Merge remote-tracking branch 'jonathansantilli/patch-1'
2017-03-27  Jacek GrzebytaFix ANY23-305 , Fix ANY23-301 36/head
2017-03-21  Jonathan SantilliUpdate CLI proper documentation 35/head
2017-03-02  Lewis John... Resolve all documentation conflicts
2017-03-02  Lewis John... ANY23-304 Address comments from ansell
2017-02-28  Lewis John... Fix CLassLoading issues and test issues introduced...
2017-02-27  Lewis John... Fix package naming in OpenIE TestCase
2017-02-27  Lewis John... Updates to all Website documentation to reflect 2.0...
2017-02-27  Lewis John... ANY23-304 update package names and introduce Service...
2017-02-24  Lewis John... Create consistent package naming
2017-02-24  Lewis John... Make pom relative parents consistent
2017-02-24  Lewis John... Add META-INF service discovery for openie
2017-02-24  Lewis John... ANY23-304 Add extractor for OpenIE
2017-02-10  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2017-02-10  Lewis John... [maven-release-plugin] prepare release any23-2.0 any23-2.0
2017-02-04  Lewis John... updating files for release
2017-01-19  Lewis John... Migrating the Deprecated forkMode Parameter to forkCoun...
2017-01-19  Lewis John... Fix trivial Javadoc issues
2017-01-14  Peter AnsellFix more references to Sesame
2017-01-14  Peter AnsellMerge remote-tracking branch 'jgrzebyta/ANY23-299'
2017-01-13  Peter AnsellMove assembly to cli module
2017-01-13  Peter AnsellMerge branch 'version2'
2017-01-12  Peter AnsellSwitch NOTICE to reference Eclipse RDF4J 27/head
2017-01-12  Peter AnsellANY23-263 : Upgrade to Tika-1.14
2017-01-11  Peter AnsellANY23-292 : Make core logging implementation independent
2017-01-11  Peter AnsellANY23-80 : Split out CLI into its own module
2017-01-11  Peter AnsellANY23-302 : Always call endDocument to ensure consisten...
2017-01-11  Peter AnsellANY23-302 : Autoclose JSONWriter rather than relying...
2017-01-11  Jacek GrzebytaAdd more unit test examples
2017-01-11  Jacek GrzebytaMerge branch 'master' into ANY23-299
2017-01-09  Peter AnsellUse modern N-Quads content type
2017-01-07  Peter AnsellMerge pull request #2 from lewismc/ANY23-276
2017-01-06  Jacek Grzebytaadd util method for applying naming convention
2017-01-06  Jacek Grzebytaadd processing null value to rdf:nil
2017-01-05  Jacek Grzebytaremove node id from predicates
2017-01-05  Jacek Grzebytadecrease logging level
2017-01-05  Jacek Grzebytaadd more metadata for created predicates
2017-01-05  Jacek GrzebytaAdd mime detection test for yaml files
2017-01-05  Jacek GrzebytaUpdate mimetypes.xml
2017-01-05  Jacek GrzebytaIgnore NetBeans configuration files 31/head
2017-01-05  Jacek GrzebytaFix a few bugs
2017-01-04  Jacek GrzebytaFix problem with multiple-document files
2017-01-04  Jacek GrzebytaAdds YAML support
2017-01-03  Jacek GrzebytaUpdate Apache Tika version 1.7->1.14
2016-12-27  Lewis John... Add TODO's to for ANY23-276
2016-12-26  Lewis John... Fix Javadoc for ANY23-276
2016-12-14  Peter AnsellANY23-276 : Convert from Sesame to RDF4J
2016-11-25  Lewis John... ANY23-297 Any23 doesn't build under JDK1.8 30/head
2016-11-23  Lewis John... ANY23-296 Tar complains about groupid value being too big 29/head