2012-09-11  Tony StevensonMoving Any23 SVN data as per INFRA-5248 tags/any23-0.2.1 any23-0.2.1
2010-03-01  michele.mostardaAdded 0.2.1 tag. tags/any23-0.2.1@1383419
2010-02-18  michele.mostardaUpdated ignore list. tags/any23-0.2.1@1223451 tags/any23-0.2.2@1223451
2010-02-18  michele.mostardaImproved TikaMIMETypeDetector#guessMIMEType documentation.
2010-02-17  michele.mostardaFileDocumentSource didn't use a resettable stream,...
2010-02-17  michele.mostardaFixed missing timezone handling in Any23ValueFactoryWra...
2010-02-17  michele.mostardaAdded sections about commandline tools and service.
2010-02-17  michele.mostardaImproved readme, section 'Generate Documentation'.
2010-02-17  michele.mostardaAdded umlgraphdoc profile, able to generate javadoc...
2010-02-17  richard@cyganiak.deadded OKKAM logo and replaced the other logos with...
2010-02-17  michele.mostardaAdded OKKAM link.
2010-02-17  michele.mostardaAdded Sindice, FBK and DERI logos.
2010-02-15  richard@cyganiak.desite homepage tweak
2010-02-15  richard@cyganiak.detweaking the release notes
2010-02-15  richard@cyganiak.deerror message tweak
2010-02-15  richard@cyganiak.deadd Community section to site intro page
2010-02-15  richard@cyganiak.deadd issue tracker to POM
2010-02-15  richard@cyganiak.detweaks to README and RELESE-NOTES
2010-02-15  Davide Palmisanominor fixings
2010-02-15  richard@cyganiak.dedocumentation updates: brought cmd line section up... tags/any23-0.2@1223426
2010-02-15  Davide Palmisanofixings (like adding javadocs on the developer guides...
2010-02-15  Davide Palmisanominor fixings. on maven-site docs.
2010-02-15  Davide Palmisanominor fixings on the Mavan site doc.
2010-02-15  michele.mostardaUpdated ignore list.
2010-02-15  michele.mostardaAddded more code to Dev Guide.
2010-02-15  michele.mostardaStill refining code snippets.
2010-02-15  Davide Palmisanotypo correction on Any23Test and added first Developers...
2010-02-15  michele.mostardaAdded tests for code snippets used within the Developer...
2010-02-15  michele.mostardaTODO improvement.
2010-02-15  michele.mostardaCleanup.
2010-02-15  michele.mostardaImproved artifact id and group.
2010-02-15  Davide Palmisanoindex modified, now also FBK has been acknoledge
2010-02-15  Davide Palmisanominor fixings on the documentation
2010-02-15  Davide Palmisanoumlgraph viz maven plugin has been deactivated
2010-02-15  Davide Palmisanouser manual now is called getting-started
2010-02-15  Davide Palmisanounused page removed
2010-02-14  Davide Palmisanoproblem with the output encoding has been partly fixed...
2010-02-14  Davide Palmisanominor fixings on url encoded URL when passed to the...
2010-02-14  michele.mostardaRipristinated detection for N3 Turtle format.
2010-02-13  richard@cyganiak.deadded HTML as selectable input format for copy&paste...
2010-02-13  michele.mostardaTest prettification and reorganization.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaThis fix completes the facility for reporting warning...
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaFixed bat script.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaFixed bat script.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaPrettification and var fixing.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaUpdated ignore list.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaThe any23-core module has been defined.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaLocal javadoc removed. It has been moved within the...
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaMoved all scripts under bin folder.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaRemoved obsolete data.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaRemoved unused folder.
2010-02-12  Davide Palmisanopom project URL fixed
2010-02-12  Davide Palmisanominor fixings on the documentation
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaAdded prj description, fixed dev timezones.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaUpdated readme.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaAdded ant target descriptions.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaUpdated to release 0.2 WOW
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaUpdated ignore list.
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaAdded building instructions.
2010-02-12  Davide Palmisanolink to sindice added to the main page
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaImproved plugins management.
2010-02-12  richard@cyganiak.deUpdated .classpath
2010-02-12  richard@cyganiak.deThrow exception when trying to extract from relative URI
2010-02-12  Davide Palmisanominor fixings on documentation
2010-02-12  Davide Palmisanoother documentation added as a maven-site
2010-02-12  Davide Palmisanoother documentation added on maven-site
2010-02-12  michele.mostardaFucking pom plugins suppression.
2010-02-12  Davide Palmisanoinitial maven-site doc draft
2010-02-11  michele.mostardaFirst version of pom added.
2010-02-11  michele.mostardaThe test has been modified to support both scenarios...
2010-02-11  michele.mostardaAdded maven compliant readme.
2010-02-11  michele.mostardaRenamed in maven compliant way.
2010-02-11  Davide PalmisanoRELEASE NOTES first draft added
2010-02-11  michele.mostardaAdded version to dependency.
2010-02-11  michele.mostardaJavadoc snapshot has been added.
2010-02-11  michele.mostardaImproving javadoc.
2010-02-11  richard@cyganiak.demore tweaks to the footer
2010-02-11  michele.mostardasrc and test resources added to the test classpath...
2010-02-11  richard@cyganiak.detweak to the form footer
2010-02-11  michele.mostardaTest data layout has been rearranged.
2010-02-11  Davide PalmisanohCalendar dates now are normalized and writted down...
2010-02-11  michele.mostardaThe TikaMIMETypeDetector has been enabled to detect...
2010-02-10  michele.mostardaImproved test names and layout.
2010-02-10  Davide Palmisanoadded java docs to,
2010-02-10  Davide Palmisanominor improvements on the tika encoding detector
2010-02-10  Davide Palmisanominor fixings
2010-02-10  michele.mostardaAdded support for encoding detection and implementation...
2010-02-10  michele.mostardaMigration to Tika 0.6, the TikaMIMETypeDetectorTest...
2010-02-09  Davide modified in order to test the selection...
2010-02-09  Davide Palmisanoconstructor enabling charset added to TagSoupParser...
2010-02-09  michele.mostardaTest case has been improved.
2010-02-09  michele.mostardaAdded error reporting methods to ExtractionResult,...
2010-02-09  michele.mostardaIn reference at issue no 16 the setStopAtFirstError...
2010-02-09  Davide Palmisanotest dir removed.
2010-02-09  Davide Palmisanoold removed from the graveyard.
2010-02-09  Davide has been rescude from dismissed...
2010-02-08  michele.mostardatestUid has been reactivated.
2010-02-08  michele.mostardatestIncludePattern() has been reactivated.
2010-02-08  michele.mostardaAdded support for multi notes. testNotes reactivated.
2010-02-08  michele.mostardatestArea test reactivated but disabled. Some assertion...