descriptionApache Apex Core
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 16 May 2018 14:04:00 +0000 (07:04 -0700)
4 days ago  Ankit Singh... APEXCORE-569 : Fixing javadoc errors with jdk8 master
4 days ago  Vlad RozovAPEXCORE-815 Whitelist CVE-2016-6811
7 days ago  Pramod ImmaneniAPEXCORE-807 Added renewal of tokens before renewal...
11 days ago  Chinmay KolhatkarAPEXCORE-811 Added Docker build files
13 days ago  chinmaykolhatkarAPEXCORE-727 Added a maven module which build a binary...
2018-04-27  Apex DevAdd @since tags and update change log for release 3.7.0
2018-04-22  Vlad RozovAPEXCORE-808 Change min supported java version dependen...
2018-04-17  Apex DevPreparing for 4.0.0 development
2018-04-09  Apex DevPreparing for 3.8.0 development
2018-04-06  Sanjay PujareAPEXCORE-789 Update security doc to describe the impact...
2018-04-06  Vlad RozovAPEXCORE-806 Upgrade org.owasp:dependency-check-maven
2018-01-24  Thomas WeiseAPEXCORE-803 Replace outdated archetype version number.
2018-01-23  Thomas WeiseAPEXCORE-802 bump Malhar version to 3.8.0
2018-01-03  Apex DevAPEXCORE-795 Update NOTICE copyright year
2017-12-19  Vlad RozovAPEXCORE-800 Disable the disk health checker service...
2017-12-19  Vlad RozovAPEXCORE-798 Exclude from engine-test.jar
3 weeks ago v3.7.0 Release 3.7.0
5 weeks ago v3.7.0-RC1 Release 3.7.0-RC1
12 months ago v3.6.0 Release 3.6.0
12 months ago v3.6.0-RC1 Release 3.6.0-RC1
17 months ago v3.5.0 Release 3.5.0
17 months ago v3.5.0-RC1 Release 3.5.0-RC1
2 years ago v3.4.0 Release 3.4.0
2 years ago v3.4.0-RC1 Release 3.4.0-RC1
2 years ago v3.2.1-incubating Release 3.2.1-incubating
2 years ago v3.2.1-incubating-RC1 Release 3.2.1-incubating-RC1
2 years ago v3.3.0-incubating Release 3.3.0-incubating
2 years ago v3.3.0-incubating-RC2 Release 3.3.0-incubating-RC2
2 years ago v3.3.0-incubating-RC1 Release 3.3.0-incubating-RC1
2 years ago v3.2.0-incubating Release 3.2.0-incubating
2 years ago v3.2.0-incubating-RC2 Release 3.2.0-incubating-RC2
2 years ago v3.2.0-incubating-RC1 Release 3.2.0-incubating-RC1
4 days ago master
3 weeks ago release-3.7
12 months ago release-3.6
13 months ago release-3.5
14 months ago release-3.4
14 months ago release-3.3
15 months ago release-3.2
2 years ago release-3.1
2 years ago release-3.0