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[archiva-components.git] / spring-registry /
2021-01-09  Martin StockhammerChanging log output for registry
2020-07-10  Martin StockhammerAdding NPE checks
2020-07-04  Martin StockhammerMoving to jakarta libraries
2020-06-27  Martin StockhammerModifying deps for spring-registry-commons
2019-12-12  Martin StockhammerChanging level of log message
2019-12-12  Martin StockhammerChanging log level for tests
2019-12-12  Martin StockhammerFixing event handling. Adding documentation.
2019-12-08  Martin StockhammerUpdating save mechanism feature/acc2
2019-12-08  Martin StockhammerUpdating API
2019-12-06  Martin StockhammerAdapting to new configuration 2 api
2019-12-04  Martin StockhammerMigrating to apache commons config 2
2019-11-24  Martin StockhammerUpdating site generation
2019-11-23  Martin StockhammerUsing font icons for asciidoc. Adding additional doc.
2019-11-23  Martin StockhammerUpdating documentation of components
2019-11-23  Martin StockhammerUpdating site documentation
2019-11-21  Martin StockhammerFormatting code
2019-11-17  Martin StockhammerAdding annotation-api dependency for JDK11
2019-11-16  Martin StockhammerFixing path settings in pom.xml
2019-11-16  Martin StockhammerMoving spring-registry to combined components project