use junit bom and simplify poms (#33)
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10 days ago  Olivier LamyMerge pull request #31 from apache/awaitility
10 days ago  Olivier Lamyuse awaitility library when possible 31/head
2021-01-23  Martin StockhammerAdding generics to task executor
2020-07-04  Martin StockhammerMoving to jakarta libraries
2019-11-24  Martin StockhammerUpdating site generation
2019-11-23  Martin StockhammerUpdating documentation of components
2019-11-21  Martin StockhammerFormatting code
2019-11-21  Martin StockhammerAdding Override annotations
2019-11-21  Martin StockhammerReformatting code
2019-11-21  Martin StockhammerMoving spring-taskqueue component to archiva-components...