descriptionApache Archiva Shared Jenkins Pipeline
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeSun, 1 May 2022 00:32:51 +0000 (10:32 +1000)
2022-05-01  Olivier Lamyreduce artifacts history master
2022-04-10  Olivier Lamydisable some non used publishers
2021-12-18  Martin StockhammerAdding upstreamTriggers
2020-11-29  Martin StockhammerUpdating maven version
2020-10-23  Martin StockhammerTrying to fix Maven labels
2020-10-23  Martin StockhammerTrying to fix Maven label
2020-10-23  Martin StockhammerTrying to fix JDK labels
2020-01-12  Martin StockhammerReset label to ubuntu
2019-12-25  Martin StockhammerDeactivating H26 node, because OOM errors
2019-11-17  Martin StockhammerRemoving publish from jdk11 build
2019-11-17  Martin StockhammerAdding multi jdk build
2019-11-17  Martin StockhammerAdding information and flag for local jenkins run
2019-10-06  Martin StockhammerSwitching maven version to 3.5.4
2018-12-31  olivier lamyactivate mavenLinkerPublisher
2018-12-31  olivier lamylet's try all publishers
2018-12-30  olivier lamydisableConcurrentBuilds
2 weeks ago master