2014-01-16  Olivier Lamyuse a staged released parent
2013-11-22  Olivier Lamyupgrade to last spring version
2013-05-09  Olivier Lamyuse released parent pom
2013-05-05  Olivier Lamyfix various path for deployment
2013-04-28  Olivier Lamyback to parent snapshot
2013-04-27  Olivier Lamyuse staged released parent
2013-04-24  Olivier Lamylog4j2 2.0-beta5
2012-11-20  Olivier Lamyremove System.out
2012-09-22  Olivier Lamylog4j 2.0-beta1
2012-09-21  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2012-09-21  Olivier Lamy[maven-release-plugin] prepare release spring-apacheds-2.0
2012-09-21  Olivier Lamyadd missing <version>
2012-09-21  Olivier Lamyuse a staged released parent
2012-09-08  Olivier Lamyprefer o.a.l.l:logj-jcl over o.s:jcl-over-slf4j
2012-09-07  Olivier Lamyimprove a bit logging pattern with .info
2012-08-31  Olivier Lamyfix site deployment
2012-08-28  Olivier Lamyconfigure svnpub for redback-components site
2012-08-03  Jean-Baptiste... [MRM-1651] Improve OSGi statements by defining version...
2012-08-02  Jean-Baptiste... [MRM-1651] Add OSGi support in spring-apacheds, spring...
2012-07-05  Olivier Lamyremove @version $Id$
2012-04-09  Olivier Lamyno more need of this ROLE field
2012-04-09  Olivier Lamyspring-apacheds component move to apache namespace
2012-04-09  Olivier Lamyspring-apacheds component move to apache namespace
2012-04-06  Olivier Lamyfix pom due to asf move
2012-04-06  Olivier Lamyfix license headers
2012-04-06  Olivier Lamyupgrade modules to use last parent pom
2012-04-06  Olivier Lamyfix license headers in poms
2012-04-06  Olivier Lamyimport redback components sources