no more release drafter for 2.6.x branch
[archiva-redback-core.git] / redback-integrations /
2022-06-05  Olivier Lamydo not use jakarta package
2022-05-31  dependabot[bot]Bump swagger-ui from 3.51.2 to 4.11.1
2022-04-18  Olivier Lamyuse jetty bom and simplify code (#38)
2022-01-05  Martin SchreierSwitching to new ehcache version
2022-01-04  Martin SchreierRemoving easymock dependency
2022-01-03  Martin SchreierSwitching to generics for cache implementation
2021-09-24  Martin StockhammerREST API build changes
2021-05-31  Martin StockhammerCleaning up of spring config
2021-05-30  Martin StockhammerImproving response of permission interceptor
2021-01-19  Martin StockhammerAdding REST V2 guidelines
2021-01-17  Martin StockhammerAdding query search for groups
2021-01-17  Martin StockhammerMaking ldapconnection autocloseable
2021-01-14  Martin StockhammerAdding schema doc
2021-01-09  Martin StockhammerDecreasing output for tests
2021-01-03  Martin StockhammerFixing REST documentation
2021-01-01  Martin StockhammerMoving rest utility classes to components
2021-01-01  Martin StockhammerUsing different OpenAPI features for redback and archiva
2020-12-31  Martin StockhammerMoving GrantType to v2 package
2020-12-28  Martin StockhammerChanging password validation error results
2020-12-26  Martin StockhammerAdding password methods to v2 user service
2020-12-22  Martin StockhammerAdding role method
2020-12-21  Martin StockhammerImproving role user assignment search
2020-12-20  Martin StockhammerUpdating Role REST v2 service
2020-12-01  Martin StockhammerAdding template method for REST v2
2020-11-29  Martin StockhammerImproving Role service V2
2020-11-26  Martin StockhammerSwitching to role id for userassignment
2020-11-25  Martin StockhammerAdditional tests for role service v2
2020-11-24  Martin StockhammerAdditional tests for role service
2020-11-24  Martin StockhammerRefactoring of role API and new Role V2 REST service
2020-11-16  Martin StockhammerAdding additional role fields
2020-11-12  Martin StockhammerModifying status codes for v2 service errors
2020-11-10  Martin StockhammerFixing return codes for user service v2
2020-11-09  Martin StockhammerSwitching to snake case for v2 REST service attributes
2020-11-08  Martin StockhammerAdding null check for sortFields
2020-11-08  Martin StockhammerModifying user model for v2 REST API
2020-11-07  Martin StockhammerRemoving system id from user json
2020-11-07  Martin StockhammerAdding test case for user service
2020-11-07  Martin StockhammerUsing nested test
2020-11-07  Martin StockhammerImproving user search REST API v2
2020-11-04  Martin StockhammerCopying models to v2 REST services
2020-11-04  Martin StockhammerChanging permission and operation name for redback...
2020-11-03  Martin StockhammerFixing password change in admin creation from file
2020-11-02  Martin StockhammerAPI V2 refactoring and OpenAPI documentation
2020-11-01  Martin StockhammerChanging class for message keys.
2020-10-27  Martin StockhammerImproving REST v2 API
2020-10-27  Martin StockhammerAdding context root to openapi servers
2020-10-27  Martin StockhammerAdding jackson configurator to spring-context
2020-10-24  Martin StockhammerUnified error messages
2020-10-02  Martin StockhammerUpdating userservice v2
2020-09-30  Martin StockhammerAdding permission tests for v2 API
2020-09-30  Martin StockhammerAdding email test service for API v2
2020-09-26  Martin StockhammerFixing tests
2020-09-24  Martin StockhammerChanging password reset API v2
2020-09-23  Martin StockhammerChanging interface for password reset
2020-09-17  Martin StockhammerImproving user service v2
2020-09-17  Martin StockhammerFixing property name
2020-09-09  Martin StockhammerSwitching to least privilege for undefined resources...
2020-08-29  Martin StockhammerREST V2 changes
2020-08-27  Martin StockhammerMinor REST V2 changes for userservice
2020-08-26  Martin StockhammerReverted REST V1 changes
2020-08-22  Martin StockhammerAdding me services for REST V2
2020-08-22  Martin StockhammerChanging user REST interface V2
2020-08-04  Martin StockhammerUpdate and test password flag methods for V2 REST user...
2020-08-04  Martin StockhammerUpdating and testing lock methods V2 REST user service
2020-08-04  Martin StockhammerChanging return to void for delete action
2020-08-01  Martin StockhammerAdditional updates for REST V2
2020-07-26  Martin StockhammerImproving V2 REST services
2020-07-26  Martin StockhammerAdding global id to REST model
2020-07-26  Martin StockhammerInterface changes for V2 REST
2020-07-26  Martin StockhammerUpdating tests and service implementation
2020-07-24  Martin StockhammerREST API changes
2020-07-19  Martin StockhammerSwitching V1 user service to old return values
2020-07-19  Martin StockhammerEditing javadoc
2020-07-16  Martin StockhammerDefining REST V2 User Service
2020-07-16  Martin StockhammerUpdate for group REST V2 Service
2020-07-16  Martin StockhammerAdding additional REST V2 tests
2020-07-14  Martin StockhammerREST API update
2020-07-14  Martin StockhammerTesting token refresh
2020-07-14  Martin StockhammerImproving REST tests
2020-07-14  Martin StockhammerChanging path for authentication method
2020-07-13  Martin StockhammerAdding openapi to cxf
2020-07-13  Martin StockhammerFixing test execution for rest services
2020-07-12  Martin StockhammerImproving login
2020-07-12  Martin StockhammerAdding refresh token for authentication
2020-07-12  Martin StockhammerRemoving assertj dependency
2020-07-12  Martin StockhammerAdding Bearer token authentication for REST services
2020-07-10  Martin StockhammerChanging authentication REST service
2020-07-07  Martin StockhammerFixing date format
2020-07-07  Martin StockhammerFixing Date format for JSON binding
2020-07-07  Martin StockhammerAdding new v2 REST services
2020-07-07  Martin StockhammerImproving LDAP group handling and REST service
2020-07-06  Martin StockhammerCreating next generation REST API
2020-07-04  Martin StockhammerFix for JDK11 dependencies
2020-07-04  Martin StockhammerMoving to jakarta libraries
2020-06-30  Martin StockhammerReplacing simple REST return types by model objects
2020-06-27  Martin StockhammerSwitch to spring 5.2
2020-01-24  Martin StockhammerAdding cleanup thread to jaxrs configuration
2020-01-17  Martin StockhammerChanging cxf dependencies to test scope
2020-01-17  Martin StockhammerChanging cxf phase interceptor for thread cleanup to...
2020-01-17  Martin StockhammerOptimizing imports